Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Nails influenced by my garden

So for my first proper blog entry I thought I would show you a couple of nail pics.  I love nail varnish and have got quite a few bottles - but never enough!  A couple of different pink Konad stamping polishes came this week that I'm dying to try out, but I digress!

I personally feel that you're never too old to have fun with nail polish, and there's not such thing as an 'I wouldn't dare' colour.  If there's a colour you would never dare wear - just wear it!  Does anyone bat an eyelid?  No!  Same with nail art, if you like it, wear it.

So, as the suns been out this week it's made me want to spend a bit more time in our garden - which is tiny, the same as the house, but nonetheless its still lovely out there.  The bluebells are out at the moment, and it inspired my nail colour

The green is my one and only Dior colour, called 504 Waterlily, and the lilac is Max Factor Max Effect 08 Diva Violet.  The other hand had 3 green nails and 2 lilac ones, just to balance the look out.

The second flower inspired nails were inspired by the wallflowers at the bottom of our garden.  They're actually growing out of a wall!  They're so vibrant and they smell delicious, they cheer me up every time I walk past them, so I wanted to take that happy feeling around with me... I did that by painting my nails to match them!

The yellow is a color club polish that came in a set which I got from TK Maxx (TJ Maxx in the USA? They're brilliant for cut price brand name polish sets), the names were on the packaging which is long gone, so am sorry I can't tell you what it's called, and the orange tips were sponged on with a make up sponge and they are Rimmel Lasting Finish in 050 Tangerine Queen.  I actually took the polishes down the garden before I started to make sure I had a good match!

My last flower inspired nails were done in the spring, but they fit so well with this theme I had to include them. 

The green I used this time was Collection 2000 Hot Shots 38 Mint Mojo, the white was OPI Alpine Snow, and the yellow was Rimmel Lasting Finish 280 Sunshine.  The flowers were really easy to do, I just used a dotting tool which I got from Amazon, super cheaply, and dotted the polish onto my nail where I wanted it to go.  The good thing about this was that it looks much harder to do than it was, and I even got compliments from shop assistants when I was paying for my shopping.

All the above had a coat of Seche Vite top coat applied, which dries really fast but seems to stay dent-able for ages.

So thats it for my first proper blog entry, I've just noticed that next doors rhodedendrons are in flower, and they are bright fuchsia!  Ideas ideas.......

Feel free to comment, and I hope to see you again next week! x x x


Getting Started - new to blogging!

Hi there!

Well, I turned 40 this year and I realised that quite a few things I've been meaning to do with my life haven't happened. 

Nothing like a mid-life crisis, I mean, I don't feel in crisis, but just a practical realisation that if I don't actually get on and do things, I'm going to end up having done none of the things I meant to do!  I've never been an 'I wish...' type of person, and I don't intend to start that now!  So to cut quite a long story a teeny bit shorter, I've been saying for a while, d'you know, I should make a blog.... and not doing it - so here we are!

I intend to make it about the things I'm interested in, and hopefully there are other people out there who have the same interests as me (by the law of averages, there should be a few), being not much of a blog reader myself, am not an expert in them, and am thinking of this as a blessing because I don't have any preconceptions or 'house rules' to stick to, I am planning to update every weekend, as I go to work all week and by the time I get in, make tea, have a shower and watch a bit of tv, am tired out and ready for bed, and prob any blogs in that frame of mind would be a bit dull - something I'm trying to avoid!

So, how have I found setting up a blog?  Well actually the sign up bit wasn't too bad, I believe 'Blogger' that I picked (which is free) is part of Google.  I didn't realise this when I started, and it ended up attached to the hotmail account thats attached to my Google.  I didnt want to do that, as I made a new hotmail and twitter just for this to keep the whole thing separate... but hey ho you live and learn - well I do anyway.... the good thing was that it looks like the mobile site automatically links so you don't have to do anything extra, but I don't know how it will look, the preview didn't look too promising and I can't see anywhere to change the layout of it.

I'm finding the layout part a bit more complicated, have managed to make some kind of header, and put a ready made background in, but I can't work out how to centre the header, and theres all sorts of bits and boxes that I don't know what they do, but I'll suss it out eventually.

So, a bit about me then, you already know how old I am, I live in the lovely Lake District in the UK in a very small cottage with my Fiance, no date set for the wedding though, just an ongoing engagement, no children, no pets, although I would love to have a cat, dear other half doesn't want one so I have to make do with petting the cat from down the road, it's started sitting on our windowsill, cats are so fickle!

Anyway, enough of my ramblings, I was worried I wouldn't find anything to blog about, I should have known better!  I hope you enjoy my blog, please feel free to comment, you don't have to log in but they do go to me for approval first