About Me

Hi there!

Thanks for stopping by!  I thought it would be a good idea to add an 'about me' page, because that's where I always go first on other peoples blogs. I didn't do it at first because I had my New To Blogging Post but I realise now that people probably aren't going to scroll all the way to the beginning of my blog to find out a bit about me.  So without further ado, here I am!
I live in the lovely Lake District, and I have done for the last 10 years.  It's so beautiful and peaceful, I feel very lucky to be here.

I called the blog maspooase, because it's the initals of Make A Silk Purse Out Of A Sows Ear - which is what I feel like I'm trying to do most of the time!  I can be found on twitter @maspooase.

Here's why I love the lake district, this was taken at a place called Wastwater, check out the backdrop....
And no I didn't climb up the hill, am quite happy to stay at the bottom near the ice cream van...

Am totally addicted to nail varnish and nail art, it's been a passion of mine for a long time, but it's only in the last couple of years that I've actually started expanding my collection.  Am always interested in new nail blogs to follow, so if you've got one, let me know! 

I've tried really hard with my blog to sprinkle in a few other things so it doesn't get too 'samey' for people who aren't nail nuts like me, but I always go back to that pesky polish

For many many years I bit my nails, and only stopped doing that when I was about 19, which sadly for me means I've got quite short nail beds, but have got no one to blame but myself, I make up for it by pampering them now.  I'm constantly struggling with my dry cuticles and have bought twenty five squillion products to try to hydrate them!  OK I was exaggerating there - but only a bit...

My favourite polish is Nails Inc's Electric Lane, my maspooase profile pic is it painted over a purple polish called Metallic Storm from Yardley which I don't think is made anymore:
I've never been offered PR freebies, but if I was I'd turn them down.  I have nothing against other people doing it, it's just I would rather review the things I want to buy, rather than things that advertising companies want us to look at. 

I think that way, hopefully the people who like my blog are people with the same interests as me, therefore if I start reviewing random PR things I kind of think it's getting away from the reason I started my blog in the first place, which was to share knowledge of the things I like and let you know if I buy things that don't deliver what they promise so you don't waste your money as well!

And I think that's about it!  I've rambled on long enough (am good at that!) hopefully you enjoyed my little 'tour of me'

Oh! By the way, my name's Wendy :)

I hope I see you about, don't be a stranger!