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Decleor Prolagene Gel Review

I hope I find you well. Today I bring you a review of a beauty product which I've been using for years and years, and I keep saying to myself "I must review this on my blog", and then end up not doing it because a new pretty thing comes along to talk about.

Well, because I'm on a 'low-buy' at the moment, and trying to save my pennies, there have been no shiny new things to talk about lately.  So, happily, I'm finally getting round to writing about products I already own which I think you should hear about, be it good or bad.

Whilst it's harder to whip up woo-hoo enthusiasm for products you've been using for a while, you also bring the benefit of long term use, so swings and roundabouts.  We'll start with the pack shot:
It has the regular bright yellow Decleor packaging, which I like, as it makes it easy to find in my drawer.  It's a big tube, 150ml, and Decleor say:
Prolagene Gel 
A multi-tasking gel to rescue damaged skin by toning, firming, repairing and revitalising
A complete body treatment to smooth skin imperfections – both natural and accidental – and an iconic hero in the Decleor range.
Prolagene Gel supplies the deep tissue with the active ingredients necessary for the reconstruction of its natural collagen. Prolagene Gel has a visibly firming effect that builds up with regular use to smooth skin imperfections. Acting on the whole of the skin’s structure it helps speed up cell renewal to improve the look of stretch marks and scarring in addition to loose skin.
Prolagene Gel contains an amino acid called Proline L., which is similar to plant collagen and helps re-build the skin’s supporting fibres. The formulation also includes Osmanthus Absolute for its potent healing action. Toning as well as firming the gel leaves an invisible supportive and protective film making it perfect to use during and after weight loss, particularly during pregnancy, for smoother and firmer skin.
This exclusive DECLÉOR formula:
  • Helps revitalise the support structure of the skin.
  • Helps accelerate the skin’s renewal process.
  • Helps diminish unsightly marks. Applied on the affected parts of the body, this gel leaves a supportive and protective film on the skin. Day after day, your skin renews itself with increased tone and firmness.
Prolagene Gel is not just an emergency skin ‘fix’; it also works in perfect harmony with the Sculpt range to tone and firm the entire body.
Suitable for all skin types.
All sounds great right?  I have to say, I only usually use it on my face and neck (don't want to waste it), but I do also use it on any sunburn I might have, as it is very soothing.
Here's what it looks like out of the tube:
As you can see it's a light blue gel, with quite a thin consistency, which has a very light herbal fragrance which soon dissipates.  It sinks in really quickly and only leaves a very slight tackyness behind. 
I use it on cleansed and toned skin before my moisturiser, so the moisturiser gets rid of the last little bit of tackyness that's left.
Here's the ingredients:
I see parabens, which get bad press, I believe in this instance they are being used as preservative. 

I must say, when I first got this, it came in a QVC Todays Special Value set, and I didn't really know what to do with it. I just rubbed it into my arms and legs, and it was one of those things that just sat in a drawer.

Then at some point, I was complaining that I used up my Decleor face oils too fast because the three drops they recommend don't cover my whole face, and someone told me that they mixed theirs in with their Prolagene, and oh my goodness, what a revelation!
I really like the combination of gel and oil.  It seems to firm and plump at the same time.  At the moment, I'm resorting to patting the final smidgens out of the oil bottles I've got, and stalking Ebay for a super cheap oil deal, because as I mentioned, I'm supposed to be saving up.  But I can't live without my gel/oil....  it's my everyday wrinkle decreaser, and it means that I don't waste my expensive oil by using too much, so double win   :-)
Now, I don't think I saw a totally immediate benefit from the gel, thinking back, but I can definitely tell if I've run out because my skin starts to misbehave after a week or so, with breakouts and uneven skintone, and extra laughter lines.  So I do my best to make sure I don't run out.
There are only a few items in my beauty regime that I don't like getting low on, and this is one of them.  I'm not sure how much benefit you'd see if you already have quite young firm skin, but certainly my 41 year old skin appreciates it!  I haven't used it on stretch marks or scars, so I can't say whether it helps for those.  I do think it makes redness from spots disappear faster though, although I've never done a test when I had two red spots to just use it on one.  I might do that in the future.  If I do, I'll edit this post  :-)
It says on Decleors website that their products aren't tested on animals, and you can buy it on Amazon for £30.50 (here) or of course, you may pick up a bargain on Ebay.  Make sure it's a reputable seller though, as there are some fakes about!

So, a big thumbs up from me, if you've been wondering about whether to buy this or not, I'd say go for it!

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  1. I'm desperate, I don't have a proper skincare routine at all. Sounds like great stuff!

    1. It is, I really enjoy using it :-)

  2. Oooh sounds like something I need!


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