Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Year! Resolutions?

Hi everyone!

Firstly, a Happy New Year to you all!  Thank you so much for sticking with me through my first eight months of blogging, if it was a baby it would be nearly due! Scary thought haha!

Starting my blog is the joint best thing I've done in 2012, which to be honest has been a pretty lame year.  Work has been the "same old same old", and nothing really of note has happened.

The other best thing I've done is stick to last years New Years resolution and give up smoking.  The last normal ciggie I had was this time last year.  I used to smoke around 15 home rolled cigs a day.  I did struggle, and bought a nicotine free e-cig about two weeks in, which really helped me, because by then it wasn't really the nicotine I was missing, but the hand to mouth movement, especially with a drink.  So at first I was using it every weekend, and it slowly got so that I needed it less and less, and I stopped using it completely around September time.  I would never get rid of it though, because you never know when those pesky cravings will come!  I truly believe that it's a case of waiting for your brain to rewire itself and that's why it takes so long to be comfortable with a quit, also why it takes everyone a different length of time.  So, enough of that, if you're thinking of packing in for this years resolution, feel free to tweet me if you struggle.  I joined a forum too, and that was good because everyone quit on the same day and is going through the same withdrawals at the beginning.

Because of finishing the cigs, I did put on a stone.  From September I decided I was ready to start healthy eating to lose that, I still have four pounds to go, but it's been steadily coming off which I'm happy with. I was jogging early on in the year, but in May both my achilles packed in and it's been a very very slow and painful task with the help of physiotherapy and ultrasound to try and get them back to being able to jog.  They're not quite there yet, but there's definite improvement.

So without further ado, here's my new year nails:
The base is a polish I've been craving for a while, Layla Flash Black.  It's everything I hoped it would be, the holo is awesome!  Formula wise, I did find it VERY thin and runny, and it needed two coats, and on some nails three coats to even out the finish.  It did dry very fast though so it wasn't too painful.  The finish is soooo worth it.  The fireworks I did with a Color Club striper:
As for this years resolutions, I have a few.

Decide what I want to do with my life, and do something about it.
This speaks for itself.

Do something with my hair and eyebrows.
Both are allowed to run wild, and I hardly ever look groomed.  This year I'll try to change that.

Get more organised.
I seem to store things just where theres a space, and I hardly ever throw things away.  I have things like my guitar and my childhood stuffingless teddy that I don't want to get rid of, but I don't really have space to store either.  Possibly I should look at a storage locker.  It's stressful when you have to root through your belongings to find the one thing you want each time.  Plus I know it does other halfs head in, which isn't fair.

Start a creative thoughts, dreams and blog idea notebook.
I usually just keep my blog ideas on post-it notes in my pockets, and they end up all over the place.  If I can find a nice handbag sized notebook I can keep them all together, or at least stick the post-its in it haha

Carry on the healthy eating.

And I think that's about it! Bye bye 2012, I won't miss you.  2013 I'm going to try and make you a good one!  Do you have some resolutions?  Are any the same as mine?

Thanks for everything, and I hope you have a great night!

Until next year...


Friday, 28 December 2012

My All Time 10 Best Nail Polishes

Hi everyone!

Back to normal blog posts again at last.  I really enjoyed the nail art challenge, and have met some lovely new people because of it.  A big thanks to the organisers Pink and Polished and Overpolished for organising it and doing such a great job.

This is a post I've been wanting to do for a while, I have probably about 250 polishes, which is a puny amount to some people, and alot to others, for me its not enough as I'm still missing some colours, and I don't have many of the 'famous' ones.  I've finally managed to get the Layla flash black holo polish that I've been craving, and I can't wait for it to come.  Nail mail is possibly my most favourite thing in the whole world!  I've also ordered some nail art supplies, and a few experimental purchases, which I'll share with you if they're any good.

Quite a few of these polishes, being my favourites, will have their own post, and where they do, I'll link to them so that you can see more photos and probably nail art involving them.  It was soooo hard to wheedle my favourites down to 10, and then put them in order.  Unless stated, none have a top coat, and all have a base coat of Sally Hansen Continuous Treatment Growth base coat, just because it's the one I'm currently using up.  It's taken me two days to do these swatches, how the big bloggers keep up I've no idea, there must be a knack to it.

So, I'm rambling again, without further ado, lets get on with it (imagine the Top of the Pops music here):

Aaaattttt 10:

This is two coats.  It used to only need one, but I thinned it out a bit too much.  Very fast drying, and manages to be work appropriate with a twist.  I imagine the finish to be how the new 'cement' line will look.  You can see from the bottle that it's really cute red glitter in there.  THIS is the link to the post where I first swatched it.  Needless to say, a fab formula, which glides onto my nails, which is part of the reason I love it

Aaaaatttt 9:
This one nearly didn't make it into the top 10 because it's winter, therefore no sun to make it look good.  I debated to and fro for a while.  But it is one of my favourites, so deserves to be there, and holo is always a good thing.  It comes with its own base coat, which I used.  A full post including nail art on this polish can be found HERE and also on my dalek nails HERE

Aaaaattt 8:
This is one of only a few polishes that I've ever bought a back up of.  The formula is lovely, but because I've had it a while I had to thin it, and got carried away.  Therefore I had to do three coats instead of the normal two.  Of course it will thicken up again eventually and it's so fast drying it wasn't really a pain to do.  It's everything that I wanted Essies Navigate Her to be, without the yukky formula.  Not a dupe though as this is paler and milkier.  Superbly shiny as you can see.
Hot Looks Mint Mojo Swatch

 Aaaatt 7:
I love the formula and finish to this.  You could easily get away with one coat if you have smooth nails.  Mine are quite ridged so I did two to get a nice finish.  Crazy reflections!  I used it as a base for THIS nailart
Aaaatttt 6:
For me, this is the perfect light pink creme polish.  First coat is a bit streaky, the second coat is opaque perfection.  Dry time is medium to fast.  I used it as a base for THIS nailart.

And now we go into the top 5!

Aaaaatttt 5:
A lovely graphite grey shimmer, the formula to this is flawless.  It virtually applies itself, again you could get away with one coat of this if your nails are smooth.  This is two coats.  I did a full review post HERE and I used it for my halloween nails, which were one of my favourites HERE

Aaattt 4:
Another one coater for smooth nailed people.  I did two coats to get a nice finish.  It's kind of the blue version to Devonshire Row, similar colour tones.  It's the perfect sky blue, and I used it as the base for my skyscraper nail art tutorial HERE
Aaaattt 3:
This was a super lovely online surprise buy.  I did a full review HERE it's fast drying and lovely to apply

Aaaattt 2:
If you've been following me for a while, this choice will be no surprise to you.  It's just off-white enough to be wearable, and for a white the formula is lovely.  Similar to Mod About You, coat one can be a bit streaky, but coat two sorts that out nicely.  I've used this one lots, and I did a comparison post to Alpine Snow HERE

And now we get to the numero uno spot.... I picked... drum roll.....

Number 1:
Typically I picked a polish that's difficult to photograph!  It's a holographic glitter topcoat.  I can't imagine my polish life without this little magical beauty.  I do own a backup of this, and I will need to use it soon as I'm nearly at the bottom of this one, which is unheard of for me.  I've taken two pictures, as it's number one it's allowed, over Devonshire Row and Albert Place.  You will see that it does change the colour of the polish slightly, but it also gives it a super duper glitter holo finish which I love.  Removal isn't too bad for a glitter, but it still does take a little bit more elbow grease than a creme (of course).  It glides on, but it does dry slightly matt.  If you put a top coat on it really makes it pop.  These pictures are taken without though.  It dries in a flash too

You can see the holo awesomeness on my little finger - just love it!

Here's a lineup of all the polishes I've used in this monumental post, boy oh boy it's going to have alot of labels haha
These are my desert island polishes,the ones I would recommend to anyone starting out.  They all have great formulas, and I haven't needed to do clean up on any of these swatches.  If you see any of them for sale, snap them up!

I hope you've enjoyed this post as much as I've enjoyed making it.  Do you have a top ten post?  I'd love to see it!

Until next time...


Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas Nail Art Challenge - Day 11 - Tinsel

Happy Christmas Eve!

I'm off work at last hooray!  This morning was my last shift until the New Year, so I'm very happy about that!

I dodged the elves challenge.  I was completely uninspired by it, and I didn't want to sell my blog short by just bodging something in order to have something to post, so I just didn't do it.  It's a shame to not have done them all, but there you go, that's life sometimes.  There are some manis from this challenge I've been really pleased with, and others I wouldn't have ordinarily put on my blog in a million years, but it's definitely been an experience, and I'm glad I've taken part.  After this one there's only Santas left for tomorrow.  Hopefully I can get that painted up and prepared today, because I'll be out most of the day tomorrow doing my own Santa duties. Ho Ho Ho!

Tinsel as a challenge can only really mean one thing - bar glitter.  Luckily for me that means not much decision making because I've only got one bar glitter, a £2.50 silver holo one from Claires Accessories.  I've found Claires polishes to be a bit hit and miss, so I thought I would double up this nail art post with a review of this polish.

Firstly I thought I would try it over a range of colours, so I used 2 coats of each:
White - OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls reviewed here
Black - L'Oreal Color Riche in Black Swan
Red - Maybelline Express Finish Cherry Red shown here
Silver - Jessica Hologram Chic Disco Diva reviewed here

Here's how it looks in all its Christmassy glory:
This is two coats of the bar glitter with a color club top coat.  Dry time was medium.  I found that I only got a decent amount of glitter onto my nail if I put the brush back in the bottle and gave it a good shake for each nail.  Just dipping the brush back in the bottle without shaking it meant I just seemed to get clearcoat and not glitter.  I also moved it around a bit on my nail as just brushing it on made all the bars face one way and that made my nails look hairy, which is the bar glitter look I hate.

The holo isn't as wow in ordinary indoor light, but it is still there:
But outdoors in daylight it really comes into its own:
If you want a really smooth finish to this you will need at least two coats of top coat, or perhaps one thick coat of Seche.  With one coat of normal top coat I could still feel texture there.

I'm quite surprised because I thought I would like this best over black, but in fact it looks best over the most similar colour, the silver.  I think this is probably because I'm not that mad on the bar glitter look anyway, and to just get that bling of mad holo is much more 'me'.

I also liked it over the white, it was quite a futuristic look.  Am considering the silver for New Years Eve, I think it would be quite fitting and fun.

And there we have it, I hope it was tinselly enough for you!

Until next time...


Saturday, 22 December 2012

Christmas Nail Art Challenge - Day 9 - Wreath

Hi everyone!

I'm a day late! First time in this challenge I've missed a day, but in my defence I went out last night pretty much straight from work so didn't have time, and I haven't lined up any posts like I was planning to, so it had to be today.  I had a brilliant time last night, lovely food with lovely people.

I have one more present to get, so I'm going out to the shops soon, not looking forward to that, it's blowing a gale and throwing down with rain, but am having my groceries delivered this evening, so that's a bit of Christmas pain I don't have to go through at least. 

Todays (yesterdays) challenge is to do a manicure based on a wreath.  I'm pleased as punch with what I came up with, I hope nobody came up with the same design, I haven't dared to check in case they did. 

One of the things that's really struck me during this challenge is how you can take a pretty straightforward task, such as the ornament one, and everybody comes up with something unique and imaginitive.  The nail art community has got so much creative energy, it's a privilege to be a part of.

So, on to the pics:
Xmas Wreath Nailart
The base for this is Orly Platinum, and it was in a baaaaad mood today.  It flooded my cuticles, bubbled, and dented.  I'm sure it wasn't like that last time I used it, maybe it doesn't do well in cold weather, not sure.  Anyway, I'm glad I persevered because it was exactly the right colour for this manicure, pearly white.

For the wreath I used acrylic paints, and, as it came out looking alot more difficult to do than it was, I thought I'd make a mini photo tutorial so that you can all do it too.

I didn't bother with the 'paint your base coat' picture, you know how to do that, right?

Then mix up a few different colours of green by making a few biggish size green blobs and mixing black or yellow or white to them to change them.  Or if you've got more money than me you might already own lots of different green paints, in which case, just use those haha. 

You could even use different colours of green nail polish and a nail art brush, but to be honest I couldn't be bothered to experiment to see which were opaque enough, which is why I used the paints.

Then using your first colour of green, make some random blobs, none of these have to be perfect, as they're from nature, and she's pretty random and perfectly imperfect too:
Xmas Wreath Nailart Tutorial
Then, using a different green, do the same again.  Start to form the wreath shape on your middle two nails:
Xmas Wreath Nailart Tutorial
Then, just keep blobbing until you've got something you're happy with.  You can see on my little finger that I did a massive blob, but that's ok.  Leave a bit of base coat showing through so it doesn't end up looking too muddy.
After that, add some bright red dots to represent berries, et voila!  This is what it looked like before the top coat, which I actually prefer because of the texture, but it would wear off too quick.  I tried to do the berries in a round design so that it looked more like a wreath shape.  On my thumb I made a berry french tip:
 And there we have it, I hope you try it, be sure to show me if you do!  As you see, alot more simple than it seems.  I think I will re-do this for Christmas Day, it's my favourite looking manicure for a while.  Hmm I wonder if I can find a way of adding some glitter to it?
Fa la la la laaaa
Until next time...

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Christmas Nail Art Challenge - Day 8 - Ornaments

Hi there again!

Hope you're doing fine, and that you're almost ready for Christmas, less thank a week now!  I've posted all my cards off, just got the wrapping to do, and it's all done, then I can relaaaaax.

Here we are at day 8 of the challenge!  Just 4 left to do, and today is ornaments.  I'm back to stamping today.  Here's what I came up with:
The base coat is Barry M Gelly in Blackberry.  I really liked the formula of this, this is one coat, and even without a topcoat it was really shiny.  It also dried pretty quick and was self levelling - fab!

I then used No.7 Stay Perfect in Disco Nights to stamp the ornament-y pattern using Bundle Monster plate BM314.  It stamps really nicely, but dries super quick, so you can't leave it on your stamper for long lining it up, you just have to get it on your nail sharpish!

Then on my middle finger accent nail I used Bundle Monster plate BM225 to stamp the bauble, and a bit of the first stamp across the edge of my nail because the bauble on its own looked a bit bare.  I used Sally Hansen Chrome polish in Ruby Chrome for the bauble.

Here's another pic, I found a prop lol:
Once again I've tried to shy away from traditional Christmassy colours, just to mix it up a bit, I think this combination works well.  Theres a coat of Seche over everything.

Just time for the close up:
Here's a reminder of what's left to come, only four left to go and my blog will go back to normal weekend posting (which will be a relief, probably for you too!):

So I'll be seeing you again on the 21st, with wreath nails, as long as the Mayans weren't on to something.  If it's my last day on earth I'll be too busy guzzling the G&T's!
Until next time (hopefully)...

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Christmas Nail Art Challenge - Day 7 - Snowflakes

Hi again,

I finally got all my Christmas shopping finished today, yayyy! I just have my cards to make and the wrapping to do, and I'm all done.  AND I managed to go into TK Maxx twice without buying any polish, so my self control was laudable. 

Although I did manage to pick up other halfs present to me, he didn't know until I got home haha, he bought me a sewing machine that was in the sale at BHS, I already have one but it doesn't work very well, which puts me off getting it out.  This one's only small, and pink, and hopefully it works ok, if not I'll take it back after Christmas.  It was reduced from £50 to £35. 

Speaking of pink, lets get on with the nails.  Todays challenge is snowflakes, and I decided to go pretty much straightforward, aside from the colour scheme:
I love light pink and black together, I think the black stops the pink from looking too twee.  The pink is my favourite light pink, OPI Mod About You, this is two coats.  I then painted the snowflakes on in black acrylic paint, and topped it off with an unknown Claire's Accessories multicoloured pastel glitter, which looks so much prettier in real life.  Here's another pic:
As you can see the cuticle on my ring finger is playing up, I have no idea why, I must have caught my finger at some point and not noticed, never mind!

I did a similar mani last year:
I can't remember the red I used, but the glitter topcoat is Nails Inc Electric Lane, and the snowflakes were drawn with a Claires Accessories white striping polish.  I think I actually prefer it!

Well I hope your Christmas shopping is nearly done too, just over a week to go!

Until next time...


Friday, 14 December 2012

Christmas Nail Art Challenge - Day 6 - Gifts

Hey there all!

Here I am again, feeling much better now, my cold is almost gone, and I have today off, yay! 

Then there's only a week to work until Christmas, so exciting! Some more gift shopping to do today, and a bit more nail art once my hangover is gone, bit too much celebratory 'day off' G&T's last night, ouch!  Hopefully I'll finally get a bit ahead on the challenges, and not have to rush them, because I was stressing myself out, silly sausage. 

Thank you so much for the get well wishes, they're very much appreciated, and it looks like they worked a treat.

So todays challenge is - Gifts

This got me thinking.  I initially was going to do a tape manicure of a parcel on each finger, but you know me, it would only take one smudge or blob and I'd probably end up hating it.  So I kept thinking some more.  And I actually got to thinking.... what are the real gifts, the precious ones?  And so it happened, I came up with my favourite manicure.  Not just of this challenge, but possibly, of all time. 

Not because of the execution, but because of the sentiment.  Here's what it looks like, and then I'll explain it:
xmas nail art gifts
The base is Barry M Spring Green.  I chose green because it's the colour of nature, luck, and tranquility.  Also it's Christmassy, so double win.

I sponged China Glaze I Herd That onto the tips of my nails to represent sunshine, warmth and happiness.

Here's another pic, it shows the multicolour sparkles in the glitter a bit better:
xmas gift nailart
I did some nail art in white acrylic paint.

On my index finger I painted a dove. This represents peace and faith.

On my middle finger I painted a heart. This represents love and health.

On my ring finger I painted what is apparently the Chinese symbol for friendship. I'm sorry to any Chinese people if this is a terrible rendition.

On my little finger I painted a house. This represents family and stability.  I don't see my family alot, but they're always in my thoughts and heart.

On my thumb is an actual gift. This represents generosity.
Every time I've looked at my nails since doing this manicure it's made me feel really happy and fulfilled.  The sentiments are so positive, it reminds me of everything that's good in people. 

And I reckon....

That's the real gift of Christmas, isn't it?

Until next time...


Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Christmas Nail Art Challenge - Day 5 - Movie

Hi there again everyone

What a tough challenge this was!  The idea I've had in my head to do was already done by someone - and so much better than I could have done it, so I had to start planning again from scratch.  I've got a cold and had a pretty tough day at work - and wasn't feeling the inspiration.  It took a very nice tweet from Inky to put it all back into perspective, so I took a deep breath and thought, what Christmas movies do I actually like?

To be honest I'm not really a Christmas movies kind of girl, my first thought was Gremlins, but I didn't know how to get one onto my nails, so my next thought was The Shining (yes I'm a horror gal), and an iconic image in there is the carpet in the long corridor where Danny cycles along on his trike. 

That got me thinking if I had any stamping plates that might do, and I found one in my Cheeky Plate B which looked like it might do the trick.  I found this design quite hard to photograph, but it came out best with the flash:
Now, I know I missed a spot on my middle finger and my thumb, but to be honest it's after 10pm now, and if I want to get this post out at all on the right day I just have to go with what I have!

Here's a picture of the carpet I mean:

My base brown wasn't quite dark enough, I used Nails Inc Ganton Street.  For the orange stamping I used Essie Orange It's Obvious, which stamped really nicely.  Then I dotted the centres with the ruby colour Maybelline Salon Finish in Ruby Fire Creme, which I've had FOREVER.

Here's another pic:
And one final pic:
Actually, even though it's not perfectly executed, I'm quite glad I did this manicure.  For one, The Shining is actually one of my favourite Christmas films, and not just one I picked because I could do nail art for it.  For two, I haven't done stamping for ages.  And three, it does actually look a bit like the carpet!  Next time I'll use a darker base coat, because I will definitely be trying this out again!

So there we have it, I got a post done, even though it was touch and go there for a while.  I hope you liked it!  You've probably already checked out everyone else already as I'm so late, but if not, check out the links below.

Until next time...


Sunday, 9 December 2012

Christmas Nail Art Challenge - Day 4 - Snowmen

Hi again!

Am late in the day posting this, has been an action packed one for me full of Christmas gift shopping.  It's been quite fruitful too, as I've got most of it done.  Just got a few more people to get for (the tricky ones), which I'm planning to do on Friday when I have a day off, then that's it done! 

Am glad I went on Sunday rather than Saturday, I bet Carlisle was a bustling nightmare yesterday, and most places (even the market) were open today, which surprised me.  Mind you, Lush have put all their gift items at the door which is stupid, because you can pick one up, but then the tills are right at the back of the shop, so you have to struggle through to buy your items, and back again afterwards to get out. 

Tills used to be at the door of shops for a reason!!  Anyway, rant over, lets get on with the challenge. 

Todays theme is snowmen, and this is what I finally came up with, and I like it, hooray!
The blue is L'Oreal Color Riche 611 Sky Fits Heaven, and the glitter topper is Nubar White Polka Dot.  I was quite disappointed when I put that on, because funny enough I was expecting white round glitter, and it's actually silver hexes, but what they hey, it still looks kind of ok, and sufficiently snowy.
I painted the snowman in with acrylic paints and I'm really pleased with him, he came out exactly as I'd planned, although the Seche did crinkle him at first, he calmed down later haha. 
Here's a closer pic:
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand...... me being me.... he wasn't my first try.  My initial idea was to test out my Nails Inc Bling it On set, by painting a snowman in Floral Street that came in the kit, then pressing it in the silver holo glitter from the kit to make a super blingy snowman.  This is how he came out:
He actually came out quite well, but his paint job was... well... a bit suspect.  He looks like he's packing a baseball bat rather than a broom.  Maybe he was made in the Hood?  He was SUPER blingy though, here's a blurred shot to show you:
See that super holo blingy-ness?  Nice! I'm glad the kit came with a top coat of it's own though, because glitter did get in it after only this one use, so I think you'd need a dedicated top coat to use with it.

So there we have it, there's todays challenge done.  Next is a holiday movie, I have NO IDEA what to do, I keep thinking and thinking.... something will come to me I suppose.  Check out every one elses snowmen below, I'm looking forward to seeing them!

Until next time...


Friday, 7 December 2012

Christmas Nail Art Challenge - Day 3 - Candy Cane

Happy Friday!

Today I discovered something about myself.  I'm not very good at diagonal stripes. 

I thought todays challenge would be quite easy, but instead it's taken me 3 different manicures to get to one I'm even remotely happy with.  I was going to try again, and decided against it, this challenge could never end if I carry on like this!

I didn't take any photos of my first two attempts.  The first was just a scraggy mess as I didn't wait long enough for my base coat to dry and my striper smudged it.  My second attempt actually came out pretty good, but I smudged it with my topcoat, so disappointed by that, BAH

So, this is my third attempt, the diagonals took me so long on time 2 that I decided to go with normal stripes on this one.  This is what I did:
I used an unnamed Essie white to draw high french tips, then used a red striping polish to draw on the stripes.  Then I used a glitter striper to tidy up the top.  Here's another pic:
And one last pic:
One of these days I'll do a Christmas manicure I'm completely happy with, although it has to be said I've had this one on an hour now and it is kind of growing on me, I'm enjoying the bare tops, and at least it wouldn't grow out!

Once again here's a reminder of what's to come:
Am looking forward to see what everyone else has done!  Check out their links below

Until next time...


Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Christmas Nail Art Challenge - Day 2 - Holiday song

Hi again! 

Firstly I'd like to say I've been absolutely blown away by the response I got to the day 1 post, all the interest was totally unexpected, thank you all so much for the lovely comments and encouragement, it really is appreciated.

We're on day 2 of the Christmas nail art challenge set by the lovely and pink & polished. This one is nail art based on a holiday song.  It was a tricky one!  There are lots of Christmas songs I love, but most of them are quite hard to translate into nail art.

My favourite Christmas song of all time is Fairytale of New York, but no way could I think of a design for that, I hope someone does though, would love to see it done!

Eventually after much deliberation I decided to go with Hark the Herald Angels Sing, because I reckon I can at least have a go at angels, and this is what I eventually came up with:
angel nail art
I used Nails Inc Emerald Street for the base, and nail art stripers to draw the angels.  I could have sworn I had a stamping plate with musical notes on, but of course I couldn't find it when I wanted to use it, so I had to draw the notes on with a Sally Hansen nail art pen which I reviewed HERE.

Here's another pic, this one under the kitchen lights:
angel nail art
And one more pic, a bit closer up:
angel nail art
It has to be said, I'm not 100% satified with these, I think if I did them again I could get them neater, but I still prefer them to my first try:
blue angel nail art
These ones actually looked pretty good in real life, but looked awful on the photos, which is why I had another go, plus they're not singing, and that's kind of the point of the song (haha). The blue polish is Barry M Cobalt and the gold glitter is Barry M Yellow Topaz, just in case you wanted to know!
And just in case you're not famailiar with the song:
And here's a reminder of what's to come:

I hope you've liked this angelic post, and it's got you feeling all Christmassy!  Please check out the links below to see what every one else has been up to.  See you on candy cane day!
Until next time...

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Christmas Nail Art Challenge - Day 1 - Christmas Tree

Hi there again!

It's a late one today, has been lots to do this weekend.  Christmas trees are up, and I feel like I've hoovered up about 10 times in two days.  Christmas is so messy!  But hopefully all nice and jolly too, so a happy trade off.

I don't usually enter into these nail art challenges, because I feel like I HAVE to do them, and then my creative juices totally dry up, but this one sounded like fun.  Here's what I have to do:

As you see, today is Christmas Tree day.  I was thinking of all sorts of 'outside the box' ideas, but in the end I decided to just paint on some Christmas trees haha.

I started with a base of Revlon Matte Suede polish in 863 Ruby Ribbon.  It's a very thin polish, and I've been exasperated with it before, but today it seemed to co-operate a bit more readily than usual.  It could even be because it's colder?  Not sure, but not complaining!  I used two coats, but forgot to take a picture, very remiss of me.

Then I used a small nail art brush and some green acrylic paint to draw in the Christmas trees, and used some glitter stripers to dot on some Christmassy bling!  I took alot of photos, but I'll try and pare them down (not sure if I can haha):
As you can see, I didn't top coat because I liked the texture, but if I wanted to keep this on I would have to topcoat it, because I doubt the acrylic paint would last long!  Possibly you could just topcoat the trees.  Also if you do topcoat Ruby Ribbon, it gets a nice shimmery sparkle to it.  I hate the way my index finger seems to want to go off in a different direction to all my other fingers, it's so contrary!

The picture above shows the design best, but then I got a bit arty with my photos:
12 days of christmas nail art challenge
and here's another pic:
This nail art was pretty simple to do, and only took half an hour from start to finish.  Acrylic paint is actually cheaper than alot of nail polishes, and if you mess up you can wash it off with water if it's not completely dry.  It also doesn't dry as quickly as polish so you can work with one blob of it on a plate and not worry about having to work too fast.  Although, as you can see, it doesn't dry flat like nail polish does, but that's not too noticeable with topcoat on.

So there we go, one challenge down!  I've enjoyed it for my first time, it's a bit daunting thinking about all the others, but will give it a good old go!  Next one is on the 5th, a holiday song? hmmmm....

See the links below for other people taking part, have you got your tree up yet?

Until next time....