Saturday, 18 August 2012

Jessica Gelato Mio Collection nail art and review

Hi there!

Hope your day's going great, here's another polish review for you.

I love pastels, so when I saw the Jessica Gelato collection advertised I was super excited!  Scrangie reviewed them recently LINK HERE and as usual her pictures were mouthwateringly good.  What swayed me most of all though is that she said the formula was perfect and it was OK in two coats, which is quite unusual for pastels. 

So I went on to Amazon UK and ordered Banana Peel, which is yellow (surprisingly lol), and Strawberry Shake It, which is pink (no suprise there either).  They cost me £9.75 each including P&P, which is near the top end of what I'll usually pay, excepting the odd Chanel or extra special polish.

Here's what I've done with it today, please excuse both my dodgy dots and my super dry cuticles, I am still on the hunt for that 'it' treatment for my cuticles, there will be a very long post of 'what I've tried' when I do finally find it!
For a change my camera has picked the colours up quite accurately, they're just a tad 'whiter' than this, but not much.  While I like the colours, I myself didn't like the formula.  I found it runny, streaky at 2 coats, and sloooooowwww to dry.  This is 3 coats.  Perhaps it's because my expectations were so high, but I think you can tell on the dots quite well what the formula was like, which is why I did them.

The other bit of a let down was that I realised when I got it home, that I already had a very similar pink with California Dreaming, see:
Thats Strawberry Shake It on the left, not much difference, certainly not enough to justify owning both anyway, sigh....

And true to all my other polish reviews, here's a picture of the brush.  Jessica in their wisdom make a round end on their lid so it didn't stand up very well:
So there you have it, pretty colours, but the formulation was a bit of a let down.  I'm glad now that I didn't buy any of the other colours, I didn't mainly because I already own similar ones to them, and also they were expensive (to me anyway), but I think I will use the ones I got despite them being a bit of a pain.

I hope you found my review interesting, or at least useful, and until next time....



  1. this is so cute, so delicate and spring-y. love it
    liloo/@tsunimee xx

    1. Thank you! Yes that was my thoughts too, good colours for easter x x x

  2. gorgeous creamy colours, at first glance it looked like sub-dermal piercings! Love it

  3. Sub dermal piercings lol! I would have never thought of that in a million years but you're right! x x x

  4. Can never find a yellow I like but your one looks lovely. Very pretty :)) xx

    1. I have quite a few yellows, but I agree that good ones are hard to find! x x x

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you so much! Also I checked out your blog, and I really liked it! New follower here for you, I show as catfink1664 not maspooase on some things, don't know why, but I'm there anyway! x x x


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