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Pretty Jelly Lovey Dovey Swatch and Review

Hi All,

Today I bring you more holo!  I've been on a bit of a holo mission since the sun came out, as you may have noticed, with varying success.  So far my only real let down has been the Layla Retro Pink (link to post) which left a gap in my collection for a pretty pink holo.

It's no secret that I love Pretty Jelly polishes, the formula and coverage are so good, what's not to love?  So I went on the hunt to see if they do a pale pink holo, and happily they do.  Now usually this is the point where I'd need to find me a lovely mule to get my polish over (hi Wes! *waves*), but now I don't have to inconvenience them any more, as Pretty Jelly polishes are now available from Mei Mei Signatures who ship to the UK.  If you want to try indie polishes, but haven't been able to get hold of them, have a look (here), she has so many.  Happy days!

So without further ado, let me show you this little beauty:
I knowwwwww, right?  Sooo pretty! A scattered holo rather than a linear effect, but on this shade I think that's just right.  Some light pinks can make my skintone look awful, but this one has enough blue/purple in the holo shimmer to offset that. 

Here's how it looks in the shade:
Pretty-Jelly-Lovey-Dovey-Swatch and review
The shimmer in it keeps it light and stops it from being too cutesy, somehow it's a grown-up shade, and I think it would be a brilliant bridal colour.  Feminine without being over the top.  It's actually the only polish I've worn to work that's caused a stir, lots of people have said they like it.  For a pale colour you wouldn't think it would attract attention, but this one certainly seems to.

Here's a close up of that glorious holo in the bottle:
Rainbows, yayyyy

And here's the business end, the brush:
The formula was Pretty Jellys usual buttery loveliness, no problems with application.  The brush was not too soft, not too stiff.  It reminds me alot of A-Englands formula, so if you've used those, you would know pretty much what to expect.  The first coat was pretty sheer (layering possibilities?), but the second coat covered up all VNL.  I did three though, as I wanted to cover up the very pronounced ridges on my nails, to show this off to its best.  As it dries really fast, it wasn't a chore.  I just used normal base coat, and no top coat, as it's shiny enough not to need it.  All Pretty Jelly polishes are three-free, and cruelty free, so no worries there.

But, I can't leave you with that boring (but necessary) photo.  The bluebells are finally out in our garden, and they're so lovely I had to share.  Mother Nature really knows her stuff.  Apparently our bluebells are Spanish ones rather than English ones, but they're still mega pretty:
Normally at this juncture, I'd throw in some nailart for good measure.  BUT I just couldn't bring myself to paint over this, I've been wearing it all week and I'm still not bored of it, which is pretty amazing for me.  It's definitely my new polish BFF.

You can buy Lovey Dovey (when it's back in stock) from Mei Mei using this (link)

I bought two Pretty Jelly polishes, and paid using Paypal, and in total I paid £22.65 including shipping.  A bit more than high street polishes, but, that much better than high street polishes, and not as expensive as couture polishes.  So price-wise, I think it sits nicely in that gap.  I ordered it on the 29th of May, and it came on the 6th of June, which considering it came all the way from Singapore, is pretty damn awesome!

I have tried so much not to get too gushy about this polish, but I don't think I succeeded too well.  If you're in the market for a light pink scattered holo - look no further!

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  1. It looks beautiful, really pretty. I'm half afraid to click on Mei Mei's in case she does post to Ireland....this polish thing will ruin me yet!

    1. I bet she does! I know, it's addictive, right? I keep saying I'll go on a no-buy, but.... pretty.... holos.....

  2. Wow. And I mean wow. I LOVE it. I shouldn't read nail varnish posts, they're bad for my bank balance! x

    1. I love it too! You should buy it, it's just as good (if not better) in real life. I'd rather have this than 3 high street ones by MILES x x x

  3. Whoa ain't this the most gorgeous colour! <3

    Shang J.| The Feminine Crusade


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