Saturday, 17 August 2013

Pretty Jelly Dream Cloud and Tetris Nail Decals reviewed

It's the weekend, yay!  I hope yours is going well.  I'm really enjoying doing not much this weekend.  Am back at home now, after having been out house/pet sitting for the best part of the last two weeks.  I never appreciate how useful it is having all my stuff around me until it's not there.  I did take nail polishes with me, but I was that busy with the animals that I never got a chance to use them.

It's blowing a gale and pouring with rain outside, so I can finally get around to trying out the Tetris decals that arrived last week.  My friend Adam McLevey showed me these, and my inner geek jumped up and down, clapping her hands.  He's actually a very talented artist, so if you're looking for a present for someone who's got everything, or you're into art yourself, it's worth taking a look  - click HERE to visit his website

So I racked my brains to think of a good base colour to use with these.  Of course, Tetris got popular by being played on the Gameboy.  I never had a Gameboy, I had an Atari Lynx, so I spent my time smashing up buildings in Rampage.  Before that, I had loads of those little hand held games that were as cheap as chips and only played one game each.  My favourite was one where you had to kill bats coming out of Draculas castle.  I played that for hours and hours and hours...

Anyway, I digress slightly.  The point I was trying to make was that I wanted to represent the grey that was the background to those handheld games.  Also if you rubbed the screen (which you weren't supposed to do) you got a rainbow effect.  So thinking about all these things, in my usual meandering way, brought me round to the decision to use Pretty Jelly Dream Cloud.  Pretty Jelly are an indie polish brand, and I love their polishes.  You can buy from Mei Mei's Signatures with international shipping, click HERE for her website

I've had it a while and can't remember exactly what I paid, but am pretty sure I paid around a tenner.  I was surprised when I went back to check that I haven't reviewed it yet, because I've worn it quite a few times.

So here we have it in just normal daylight.  No sun today:
You can see that holo desperate to show itself on my little finger, but mostly indoors it's this pewter grey, which slightly gives me pink finger syndrome, but not too badly.

This is two coats, which I put on yesterday, and because I was typing all day, got a little bit chipped.  Therefore, due to the lovely self levelling formula, I was able to just touch up the tips without anyone being able to tell too much.  No topcoat here.  One coat is too sheer to wear by itself without nail line, but two coats is fine.  Dry time was on a par with all the other Pretty Jellies I own, which is pretty fast.  Also three-free and cruelty free *happy face*

Here's what the brush looks like:
The brush was just right for the formulation of the polish, and as you can see it gave me no problems with untidiness at the cuticle area, no clean-up required. 

Initially I was slightly disappointed, as Dream Cloud was described as a slate grey.  To me that means a big dollop of blue in the colour, and I kind of struggle to see blue in this.  Once I'd got past that though, it's just the right tone for me, as I don't like vampy darks very much, and this has a lovely silver shimmer in it that makes it eminently wearable.  I even wore it for work, and my boss didn't mind, so it passes my SFW test with flying colours.

Having told you all these things about Dream Cloud, I haven't shown you its party peice yet!  As there's no sun today, we go back to the trusty kitchen under cupboard lights.  I've ordered a light box for art, so will be interested to see if it works well as my winter lighting for my blog posts.  If you've been following me for a while, you'll remember I did a whole post on struggling to find good winter blog lighting HERE

So here we have it:
Hello holo!  I love holos, especially linear ones, and this ticks all my boxes. 

So now I have a lovely base, let's get on to these nail decals.  I bought mine from Amazon UK, LINK here and I paid £3.00 including shipping, which isn't bad at all.  Here's what I got:
They're all on one sheet, and you have to cut each one out to use them.  They are FIDDLY!  I used nail scissors and they worked fine for that.  Then I filled a saucer with water, and popped my cut out decals on the surface.  Of course they sank, but that was ok.  Then after 30 seconds, I fished them out one by one with tweezers and placed them on my nail.

Here's the first one:
They can be slid around at first, so it's easiest just to place it on and then slide it about until it's in the position you want.  They're actually surprisingly strong considering they're so thin.  I couldn't see the clear backing over my polish at all, was very impressed with that.

So them I got round to doing all my other nails.  It was quite similar to playing tetris actually, deciding where to put all the pieces:
There's a coat of Seche Vite on here and as you can see, it didn't kill the holo effect, so that's good. 

Here it is back in daylight:
Overall, I'm happy with these.  I've always been a bit sceptical about decals, as I'm a bit of a perfectionist (oh, really?), and I didn't see how you wouldn't be able to see the clear backing.  But you 100% can't see it with these.  I'm definitely going to try some others.  Do you have any recommendations?

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  1. Ahhhh they're deadly! I love the holo, it's still pretty nice even when it's not in direct sunlight, which is rare (coughchinaglazecough)and I LOVE the decals!

    1. Thankyou! All the Pretty Jellys I've tried so far have still been pretty in normal light, there aren't any I've bought that I wouldn't recommend :)

  2. those decals look cool!!! haha killing the bats.

    1. Thanks Swish! I bet I'd still be pretty good at that game today as I spent so long playing it :)


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