Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Artsy Wednesday - Halloween - Graveyard Nailart


Yay for Halloween!  My absolute favourite celebration.  I love all this spookiness, and the fun that comes with it.  It's impossible to think of it without having a bit of a smile to yourself.  And so many nailart ideas to play with of course.  These days it's hard to come up with anything that hasn't been done before, and last year I stressed myself out trying to do so.  I did come up with my favourite nailart ever last year though, and will post a picture further down this post.  If you can't wait, the link is (here)

So anyway, as I was saying, this year I decided I'd pick a tutorial and give it a try.  I'm terrible when it comes to looking at other peoples stuff, and only usually look at things that pop up in my Twitter feed or YouTube subscriptions, so it was nice to make an effort to go out and see what everyone's got on their nails this season.

Alot of it was too cutesy for me, because as far as I'm concerned, it should at least be a bit spooky!  So I decided after looking at hours of tutorials, to give this VIDEO a try by Gorgeous Nails. 

And here's the result:
Now, typically for me, there are some elements of this that I'm not 100% happy with.  I wish I hadn't made the two crosses on the middle nails lean the same way, and I would have been a bit happier with the bat on my index finger if I'd worked on it a bit more.  However, the tree on my little finger is only there because I made a massive blob on my nail accidentally, and that came out alot better than I would have thought, so a good save there for me.

I did this look by painting all my fingers with OPI's My Boyfriend Scales Walls, then using black acrylic paint and my spotter brush to draw in the details.

Here's another pic:
In real life this actually looks pretty good, and I'm thinking some kind of gradient behind it might make it really special.  Very tempted to give it another go for the big day.  Everything of course was topped off with a coat of Seche.

I've booked November 1st off as a holiday from work this year (yay!) so I can have a drink, a bit of a one-girl celebration with a bottle of red wine and some spooky movies.  And lots of popcorn of course!  My favourite is Metcalfes Skinny Sweet & Salt (link) which seems to be relatively guilt free and oh so yummy.  Looking forward to it already!  Not sure which films to watch yet though.

Here's one last pic of this years halloween manicure, in close-up:
And, as promised, here's a pic of last years nailart, inspired by the Blair Witch Project:
Interestingly and co-incidentally, my nails look to be almost exactly the same shape and length as they were last year!  That's pretty weird considering they've been all sorts of lengths and shapes this year.  This is probably my favourite nailart ever.  Spooky-wooky. 

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I'd love to know what your favourite halloween nail look is! 

Until next time...



  1. I really like the new one, but I agree last year's is spooky'er - just like it's the case with mine :)

    1. Thankyou! We'll have to start planning for next year to top it! x x x

  2. I love them! So neatly done, wish I was like this at nail art x

    1. Thank you so much! Just keep at it, you'll get there! x x x

  3. this is CREEPY!! i like it tho... very halloweeny! xxx

    1. Thanks kitty Cat! You should've seen the failed 'veins' nails I tried before that. Truly a horror story haha! x x x

  4. Trick or treat...EEEEK!!! Well done, dahling. <3


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