Saturday, 22 December 2012

Christmas Nail Art Challenge - Day 9 - Wreath

Hi everyone!

I'm a day late! First time in this challenge I've missed a day, but in my defence I went out last night pretty much straight from work so didn't have time, and I haven't lined up any posts like I was planning to, so it had to be today.  I had a brilliant time last night, lovely food with lovely people.

I have one more present to get, so I'm going out to the shops soon, not looking forward to that, it's blowing a gale and throwing down with rain, but am having my groceries delivered this evening, so that's a bit of Christmas pain I don't have to go through at least. 

Todays (yesterdays) challenge is to do a manicure based on a wreath.  I'm pleased as punch with what I came up with, I hope nobody came up with the same design, I haven't dared to check in case they did. 

One of the things that's really struck me during this challenge is how you can take a pretty straightforward task, such as the ornament one, and everybody comes up with something unique and imaginitive.  The nail art community has got so much creative energy, it's a privilege to be a part of.

So, on to the pics:
Xmas Wreath Nailart
The base for this is Orly Platinum, and it was in a baaaaad mood today.  It flooded my cuticles, bubbled, and dented.  I'm sure it wasn't like that last time I used it, maybe it doesn't do well in cold weather, not sure.  Anyway, I'm glad I persevered because it was exactly the right colour for this manicure, pearly white.

For the wreath I used acrylic paints, and, as it came out looking alot more difficult to do than it was, I thought I'd make a mini photo tutorial so that you can all do it too.

I didn't bother with the 'paint your base coat' picture, you know how to do that, right?

Then mix up a few different colours of green by making a few biggish size green blobs and mixing black or yellow or white to them to change them.  Or if you've got more money than me you might already own lots of different green paints, in which case, just use those haha. 

You could even use different colours of green nail polish and a nail art brush, but to be honest I couldn't be bothered to experiment to see which were opaque enough, which is why I used the paints.

Then using your first colour of green, make some random blobs, none of these have to be perfect, as they're from nature, and she's pretty random and perfectly imperfect too:
Xmas Wreath Nailart Tutorial
Then, using a different green, do the same again.  Start to form the wreath shape on your middle two nails:
Xmas Wreath Nailart Tutorial
Then, just keep blobbing until you've got something you're happy with.  You can see on my little finger that I did a massive blob, but that's ok.  Leave a bit of base coat showing through so it doesn't end up looking too muddy.
After that, add some bright red dots to represent berries, et voila!  This is what it looked like before the top coat, which I actually prefer because of the texture, but it would wear off too quick.  I tried to do the berries in a round design so that it looked more like a wreath shape.  On my thumb I made a berry french tip:
 And there we have it, I hope you try it, be sure to show me if you do!  As you see, alot more simple than it seems.  I think I will re-do this for Christmas Day, it's my favourite looking manicure for a while.  Hmm I wonder if I can find a way of adding some glitter to it?
Fa la la la laaaa
Until next time...


  1. These are sooooo pretty!!!! Love it!!

  2. Love this...and the step by step photos are fab x

    1. Thank you! It's something I might do a bit more of as I enjoyed writing this post x x x

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Inky! Mucho appreciated x x x

  4. These are so amazingly lovely! And so easy too. Love when it is easy and looks like it took forever!

    1. Thanks! I know right? I might see what other blobby designs I can do lol x x x

  5. Wow!!! This mani is so gorgeous! Love the design and the color combos. Love it! You def have the talent. Great job!

    1. Aw thank you so much! Some come out good and some come out not so good, once they all come out great I'll be a happy bunny x x x


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