Monday, 1 December 2014

Mid Browns - Nails Inc Ganton Street Vs Jessica Guilty Pleasures

I have decided that fate doesn't want me to blog about nail polish at the moment. 

Because of my pesky ongoing achilles tendon problems, I have to have physiotherapy on a Thursday afternoon. 

Because I don't have enough annual leave left for my hospital appointments, I'm having to work on Saturday morning instead to make my hours up.  This is so INCONVENIENT!  Guys and girls who regularly work at the weekends, you have my undying admiration.  I just feel like theres no time to do anything. 

And because my car keeps overheating, and the parts aren't in at the garage yet, I can't go into Carlisle when it's busy, therefore no Saturday afternoon travelling, and we have to go to almost-in-laws on a Sunday for lunch, so I have no time to shop. 

Also, because I'm working on the Saturday, I can't have my usual swatch-and-gin-a-thon on Friday night.... so all in all it's a right royal pain in the behind.

Well, here's two fingers up to fate, because I've managed to do it anyway!  You may know that I'm craving a dark brown nail polish right now, but with the aforementioned problems I've had to resort to just mooning over web swatches and wishing for things to get back to normal. 

I decided to look through my polishes to check what browns I actually do have, in case I already had one (I didn't but you never know until you look!), but I did find two mid brown polishes which were virtually identical, and similarly priced, so I thought you might be interested in seeing a comparison.  They are, as the post title suggests, Nails Inc Ganton Street and Jessica's Guilty Pleasures.  For a change I will start with the brush & bottle shot:
Jessica Guilty Pleasures Vs Nails Inc Ganton Street Swatch
There you see, pretty similar, right?  The Jessica is a tad warmer, but very similar all the same.  Apologies about the dark corner on the picture, with Autumn setting in it's getting harder and harder to find bright places to put things...

So onto the swatches, I found the best place to show the difference was under the trusty LED craft light.  All pics are two coats with no topcoat.  Nails Inc on left 2 fingers:
nails inc ganton st vs Jessica Guilty Pleasures
Then, amazingly, the sun came out for a moment:
Jessica Guilty Pleasures vs nails inc ganton street
Then it went back in.  So here's a pic in shaded light:
Jessica Guilty Pleasures vs nails inc ganton street
Application wise, there's hardly anything to pick between them either.  If you've used Nails Inc before, this is their usual creme formula, which I like as it's got good coverage and is pretty quick drying.  The Jessica was a teeny tiny bit more sheer on first coat, but by coat two they looked the same coverage-wise.  I preferred the Nails Inc brush, because the Jessica one was a tad softer so therefore not quite as easy to work with, but I really am splitting hairs here.

Out of the two, it was the Nails Inc I chose to put on afterwards, it's a Malteser brown, and somehow for a darker colour it seems quite work appropriate, which is good.  Unless of course, you do what I did and put nail art all over it haha:
nails inc ganton street with gold nailart
The Jessica has 14.8ml in and the Nails Inc has 10ml in.  Nails Inc polishes cost £11 and Jessica Polishes cost around a tenner, but I have seen both cheaper on Ebay.  So mil for mil the Jessica is probably better value, but if you're willing to spend more than £10 on a polish that doesn't really matter so much to you.

So there you go!  Formulation and application are both pretty much the same so it just comes down to the tint you like the best.  Hopefully this will prove helpful to someone!

Until next time.....



  1. ganton street looks nice... that's my kinda colour! hehe laughing at u and the working a saturday thing... i could NEVER work a weekend. i hate it. my bf does and that interrupts my life enough as it is! xxx

  2. Yeah, it is very you! Didn't you do an Orange (pr Mint?) Aero blog post? You should resurrect it by tweeting it as a past post, i think it's pretty appropriate for autumn and the colours are in fashion right now!


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