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Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens Review

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So, this story starts with me in my beloved TK Maxx.... just browsing around in the nail section, as you do, when I came across a Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in gold.  It was only £2.99, so I thought I'd give it a go, and as it happened I really liked it! 

I had a look on Amazon UK to see if there were any more colours made, and there were, so I got a few more.  There were none with free shipping, so all in all I paid about a fiver each for the others.  Here's what I've ended up with:
Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens Review
As you see, as usual I went a bit mad haha!  Obviously at some point in Rite Aid in the USA these have been half price and in a gift pack.  Good job I wasn't buying them as a present.  I bought the silver one from a different seller and the packaging on that one was all neat and tidy and nice.  I didn't get a black or a white because they were alot more expensive or in 2-packs.  Who needs 2?

These are:
08 Gold
05 Blue
07 Silver
04 Hot Pink
10 Purple Violet
06 Red

I thought the best way to show you the coverage and finish was to paint two nails in a dark colour and two nails in a light colour, so I used my new OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls (2 coats) for the light, and my Collection 2000 All That Jazz (one coat) for the dark.  I used the same colours on the other hand only the opposite fingers, and I really liked the look, I'm going to try it as a proper mani at some stage.  But for today, they are just canvasses:
OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls and Collection 2000 All That Jazz
My Boyfriend Scales Walls was OK to apply, but because of the hype surrounding it I was expecting more - I know, never happy.  It was how I was expecting Alpine Snow to be, not bad application but took longer than I thought to dry. 

So first off I did some (very wiggly) stripes, thick and thin, with all the colours, on both the light and the dark.  The sheerest was the red, which reminded me very much of tomato soup, and the most opaque was either the pink or the blue:
Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens Review
The white polish canvas wasn't quite dry, if you look carefully in the thick silver stripe you can see where it dug in a bit.  As you can see, the gold is more of a copper really, but pretty anyway.

And heres some nail art to show you what you can do with them:
Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens Review
Once it was dry I topped it off with a coat of Seche Vite, and that's how it's shown here.  I wasn't very pleased with the cocktail glass on the index finger (yes, that's what it is!) but the rest came out ok.  My favourite is the stars and dots.

And in the best 'showing the brush' tradition, here's what the nibs look like:
Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens Nib
They feel a bit like a felt pen to use, and theres a ball bearing inside that rattles when you shake it up and down to mix up the laquer inside.  You press the nibs in if you want to work more polish down onto the nib, but so far I haven't needed to do that, expect for the first use. 

All in all I like them.  They're definitely great for doing tiny dots with no fussing and worth owning just for that alone.  They didn't have very good reviews on Amazon, and if I'd read those before I got I the first one I wouldn't have bought them, so I'm glad it happened the way it did.  I just have to hope that a black and a white one are on special offer at some point!

I hope this helps someone who's been considering them, or just been interesting for you generally, am planning some cuticle and nail care product reviews soon, and will have some Essie swatching to do if I ever get a day when I'm off when there's some good light!  All to look forward to :-)

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  1. these look interesting! i actually like the copper/gold shade the best! i love coppers tho... and my boyfriend scales walls... i so need this now after seeing it on ur nails! xx

    1. Yeah, I'm surprised at all the bad reviews for them! And as for my boyfriend scales walls.... if you haven't got a white you're happy with yet, I'd say go for it! x x x

  2. HI! Thank you for joining my blog so I could find this blog, a sister blog of mine
    : )

    Nice buy and nails, me likey!!! I will follow you too now : )

    1. Awwww thanks! For the compliment and the follow sister blog :-) x x x


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