Saturday, 9 March 2013

Feelgood Friday: Fantasy Jukebox

Hi there everyone,
I know it's not Friday, OK?  I started writing this post last night, and I liked the title so much I decided to keep it.  Anyway, you're not my mum!  Unless you are of course.  Haha! 
I hope you're having a great Saturday.  Anything good planned?  I managed to get a couple of big tasks finished at work this week, so am enjoying the (relative) lack of pressure.  It won't last long!  Plus I MUST get my 100 follower posts written, they're starting to play on my mind now (so close!), and that's a shame because I want to enjoy writing them.
Other half's been absent for most of this week, upstairs playing on Skyrim.  I should make the most of it, because once Bioshock 3 comes out on Xbox (which I think is the end of this month) I won't see any TV again for weeks.  I was so happy when he got fed up of Call of Duty I can't even tell you, although I enjoyed watching him play Assassins Creed, in no small way because I fancied Ezio.  Pixel eye candy anyone?

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Anyway, lets get on with the post.  This is one I've had a great deal of fun planning.  It was totally stolen from inspired by THIS ONE by Joanna at The Treasure Chestt which made me feel so jolly I wanted to share my own feel good tunes with you.  The idea is to share the songs which make you feel good, and cheer everyone else up too.  What a brilliant idea. 
I'll start with one of the ultimate feel good tunes.  As an 80's teenager, I was bopping along to this with the best (and worst) of them.  I couldn't find a YouTube clip that had the video, but I found the music:
 Now, I am a bit of a country girl, and I agonised over which country song to put in this post, in the end I had many reasons to include this one.  Lady Antebellums' I Run To You.  So jolly...
Now for my totally un-trendy side to show.  My mum's a big Cliff Richard fan, and I 'caught' it off her.  So untrendy that it's actually trendy?  You decide:
And back to my teens now.  My friend and I used to know a pub where we could get served, and we thought we owned the place.  There was a jukebox in there, and we loved to put our favourite music on, so everyone else had to listen to it too.  They must have groaned every time we came through the door, because I was forever putting Crystal Gayle on HAHA.  However, when I wanted to feel happy, this was the one I used to pick, Zoom by Fat Larrys Band, LOVE it
And I think there's just time for one more.  But which to pick, there's so many!  I think I'll stay in the 80's as that's where most of my music lives.  The video to this is HILARIOUSLY BAD
And that's all folks!  I hope you've enjoyed my jolly musical mystery tour, and if you carry on this tag please let me know, would love to see your post.

Until next time,



  1. Man how I like "Good Life" ! Do you know the Hercules and Love Affair song that borrowed a bit of it?

    1. It's great, right?! Am not sure if I know the song that borrowed it, I probably would know it if I heard it though! x x x

  2. Love them all, might do this myself too!
    I see a Youtube raid coming on. Also I really fell in love with my character in the PS2 Godfather game. SO handsome. Wish he was real, apart from all the killing and jail time x

    1. Oh, I SO wish you would do it - I officially tag you! Can't wait to see your feelgood songs x x x

    2. And also, HAHAHA I'm glad I'm not the only one who falls for pixel men :-)

    where have I been....

    Reminder: the I ♥ Makeup giveaway is still on!

    1. Am sure i remember other half mentioning it, i hardly ever play games myself, except for Silent Hill :)


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