Saturday, 20 July 2013

Daler Rowney 10/0 Spotter Brush - nail art brush review

Hows your weekend going?  Mine's going great so far.  Have been shopping today, broke my low-buy though as I got a couple of t-shirts, a pair of trainers, 3 nail polishes and some art stuff.  But hey, first time this month since payday, so that's not too bad.  I'm definitely not going to beat myself up over it anyway. 

I was a bit stuck for a blog post to do for you today.  I have a manicure on which I'm in LOVE with, but I can't show to you, as it's for Artsy Wednesday.  I did it this morning, and there's no way it's coming off yet.  So I couldn't swatch, although I do have some polishes to show you at some point, and I haven't bought any makeup worth telling you about lately, so I had to have a bit of a think.

And then I had a bit of a brainwave.  The nailart brushes I've been using up to now are o...k.... but nothing special, just cheapy sets off Amazon, and I just use the smallest one, but they all seem to get stiff and rubbish really quick, even though I do try to clean them thoroughly after each use.  Plus I've had some manicures wrecked by stray hairs, which is so frustrating.

So last weekend, I was watching YouTube as you do, and someone was doing some awesome nailart (I wish I could remember who to give them a shout out, my poor old memory is getting on a bit haha) and they mentioned the brush they were using.  Well, it looked way better than any of mine, so I looked it up on Amazon.  It was a Daler Rowney 10/0 Spotter Brush.  To my amazement it only cost £2.99 with free delivery, so I snapped it up!  This is what I got:
As you can see, it's got a really small pointed end.  Although it looks as it it would be quite stiff, it's actually quite soft.

Here's a close up of the brush end itself:
Today I got to use it for the first time, and I love it!  I was working with acrylic paint, so I haven't used it with polish yet, but it's a definite winner as far as I'm concerned.  I had better, smoother coverage of paint than I've had with any of my other brushes, and it made so much difference to the quality of my nailart.  I wish I'd had this brush at Christmas for my 12 Days of Christmas challenge.  Oh well, I've got it now, and that's the main thing.

I blobbed some acrylic paint out and randomly drew some lines and dots so you can get an idea of how it performs:
As you can see, you can make MINUTE dots, like, so small you can hardly see them.  The swirly thing is just random, showing you spirals and fans.

Yep, I like it.  And if you're in the market for a nailart brush, you could do much worse that this one.  Believe me, I know this to be true haha.

Now all I need to do is find a striper that's as nice!  Any suggestions?

Until next time...



  1. This does look fab! Looking forward to seeing what you've done with it :)


    1. I really like it, and can't wait to show you my nails! :-)

  2. I'm definitely going to get this, thanks a million for the heads up!

    1. my pleasure! I hope you get it x x x

  3. I like the Essence striper brush that comes in one of their nail art kits along with 3 hexagon sponges that are great for gradients. This brush has a really skinny bristle profile that makes it easy to make thin, even stripes. Best part? The kit only cost $2.99. I know Essence polishes are now available in the UK, so hopefully their nail art supplies are there too or soon will be!

    1. Oh wow! Will definitely look out for those, I love a good brush, thanks inky! x x x

  4. I am liking the look of this

    1. you should deffo pick one up, works great x x x


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