Monday, 10 September 2012

Blair Witch Nailart for Halloween

Hi everyone, hope you are well

I had a ping of inspiration today!  I've still been enjoying my Collection 2000 All That Jazz nails which I blogged about yesterday, and was looking at them (as you do) and I had a really good idea for my halloween nails this year.  I usually disappoint myself because I can never come up with an idea that either a) hasn't been done already, or b) is creepy enough.  It's an amazing thing because pretty much the only films I watch are horror or sci-fi so you'd think I'd have loads of ideas! 

So anyway, for some reason the silver grey of the polish reminded me of the Blair Witch project, and that's where I started.  I checked about on google to see if it's already been done and I couldn't see it anywhere so hopefully I'm safe on that score.  If not, and someone has already done them who didn't come up on my search, apologies.

Also I apologise in advance if these photos aren't the usual quality, but it's dark outside and I was DYING to show you.  Tomorrow when it's daylight I'll take some more pictures and maybe replace these ones.

*EDIT* I've put the new pictures in as it's daylight now! Hope you like them

This is what I came up with:
Blair Witch Nailart

Blair Witch Nailart
Heres a pic outside in the daylight (yes I got carried away with the pics):
Blair Witch Nail Art
Heres the other hand, the trees didn't fare so well being drawn with my 'not so skilled' hand lol:
Blair Witch Nailart
And heres what I used:
- For the base colour, Collection 2000 Hot Looks in All That Jazz
I sponged (yes sponged!) Maybelline Express finish in White Dream, both to represent moonlight coming through the trees, and to make my trees stand out better, it worked well I think
- White striping polish from Claires Accessories - it was NOT easy to draw a circle with it
- Black striping polish from Color Club that came in a collection
- Top coat of Seche Vite, I've thinned it down with some Seche Restore and it's less dentable now, which I'm glad about.

So there we have it, am really pleased with this, and I think I'll use the stick man as my avatar over halloween, he's super cool.

I hope you like it, let me know what you think! And oh, don't have nightmares :-)

Until next time.....



  1. This is great! Gotta pin this one for inspiration!

    1. Thank you so much! Am really liking them. Also took a look at your blog and it looks great! When i get the laptop on I'll double check to make sure I'm following! x x x


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