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Simple Pleasures Scented Halloween Nail Polish Set Review and Swatches

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So here I am, just back from my weeks holiday in Blackpool, all refreshed and rejuvenated!  Or at least I was until my car started playing up again, gah!  Anyway, while I was away, I happened to stumble into TX Maxx and have a bit of a browse.  It was weird shopping for polish with other half there, I don't know why.  I came away with a few collections, and this is one of them:
Simple Pleasures Halloween scented Nail Polish Collection
I've taken the clear plastic box off because it had the price ticket stuck over the polishes (as usual), also its worth noting this will be a picture heavy post, please let me know if it causes you problems and I'll make the pictures smaller.

I swatched them from lightest to darkest, so the first one I tried was the Pumpkin orange:
Simple Pleasures Orange Scented Polish Swatch
A strange formulation this, a bit watery but fast drying.  First coat was very sheer.  This is three coats and as you can see there is still a bit of VNL there.  It gets darker the dryer it is.  As for the scent, I found it a bit soapy, definitely not a pumpkin scent.  It was also repelled by any oil at all on my nail, it literally ran away from it.  I found it super tough to remove, I had to use the strongest acetone remover I had and even then I had to work at it.

Here it is with the glitter coat that came in the collection:
Simple Pleasures Orange Polish Swatch with glitter
I struggled to get the glitter out of the bottle, this is a thick coat, and it was gloopy to start with.  It definitely didn't smell of vanilla, it just had the same soapy smell as the orange one.

The next one I swatched was green apple:
Simple Pleasures Green Polish Swatch
And here it is with the glitter topcoat:
Simple Pleasures Green Polish Swatch with glitter
It was the same semi-sheer fast drying soapy smelling hard to remove formula as I'm sure you can tell.  Next up I swatched the red one, for some reason called Cotton Candy:
Simple Pleasures Red Polish Swatch
From the first sweep of the brush with this one I said wow!  It's coming off a little too tomato-y in this pic because it was a truer red than it shows here.  It was opaque in one coat, but I did two and it's pretty much perfect coverage.  Here it is with the glitter coat:
Simple Pleasures Red Polish Swatch with glitter
I put a coat of Barry M Red Glitter on my little finger just to see what it looked like, and I liked it better than this silver stuff.

Next up I tried the Grape, I had trepidation, would I get the lovely red formula or the sheer orange formula?

It was the sheer - boooo
Simple Pleasures purple Polish Swatch
This is 3 coats and I suppose you could almost get away with it, it dried so much darker than the colour in the bottle though:
Simple Pleasures purple Polish Swatch
And here it is with the glitter coat:
Simple Pleasures Purple Polish Swatch with glitter
I put a coat of Max Factor Fantasy Fire on my little finger, just because the purple reminded me so much of the base colour of that polish and it makes the shimmer show well I think.

Well, by this time I only had one left to swatch, and let me tell you I was glad, because that soapy smell was really starting to give me a headache!  Plus I was having to use so much polish remover to get it off so that wasn't helping either.  So here we go with the Licorice black one:
Simple Pleasures Black Polish Swatch
Hooray it's back to the lovely formula the red one had!  This is one coat, and I had no inclination to do another.  It dried with a slight misty haze. Here it is with the glitter:
Simple Pleasures Black Polish Swatch with glitter
This one did actually smell a bit licorice-y!

So there we have it, all in all a bit hit and miss.  I wish as much care and attention had been taken with the formulations as it was the packaging.  The red and black were fine, but the others were a let down, just too sheer for me.  And SO hard to remove!  They'll maybe come in handy for some nail art, but at the grand old price of £4.99 for the whole collection I'm not too gutted.

I hope you've found my review helpful, and until next time...



  1. Am loving the grape and the black colour.
    Can't believe Halloween stuff is everywhere in the shops.
    How was Blackpool?

    1. It was cold and wet and rainy! But it was still good to get away, and we managed to cram loads in. One thing to be said for Blackpool it's never boring! Diet completely went out the window, had fish & chips, pizza, drinks, all the baddies all week, lush!

  2. I love the purple nails, perfect colour! x

    1. Thank you! I think I need to experiment with layering it before I really fall in love with it! x x x

  3. I really like to Grape colour :) Shame it was so sheer though!

    1. Thanks! It seems to be everyones favourite! VNL is my deadly enemy though, so sheers are not my thing! I'll maybe be able to make it work for something, perhaps toes x x x


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