Saturday, 1 September 2012

In The Mood Colour Change Polish With Nails Inc Nail Jewellery

Hi there again, happy Saturday!

1st of September already, where is this year going?  In my mind weather wise, one of the best things about living in Britain is that we hardly have time to get used to one type of weather, when another type comes along! 

Not that Summer was anything to shout about this year, showing it's face briefly in February, then just peeping out from behind the curtains every now and then, but hopefully it will get made up for with a big display of Autumn colour on the trees.  Last year it was so windy that all the leaves blew off before I got a chance to enjoy them, I hope that doesn't happen again this year!

Anyway I digress as usual..... 

Its not often that a 'can't take my eyes off you' manicure comes along by accident, but thats what happened to me yesterday.  I was playing about with my polishes, and nothing was working out for me.  If you follow me on Twitter (@maspooase) you probably saw me moaning a couple of times that it wasn't going well.  Anyway, I just randomly picked one of my colour change polishes because I was after a particular shade of purple, and put it on.  Now, I don't think I've ever reviewed these, I got them from QVC and I wasn't at all impressed, the formula is runny, and some of the colours hardly colour change at all.  But now I'm a bit further along with my blog, I'll probably get them out again and review them properly.  I hope I've still got a photo of the box somewhere because that's long gone!

Anyway, thats probably a semi-digress also haha...  So when I came to put the purple on one nail this time, I liked it a bit more than last time, but it was missing something, so I plonked a layer of Nails Inc's Nail Jewellery in Princes Arcade on the top, and I've been really pleased with the result:
The 'In The Mood' polish shade is Devious 679, and the Nails Inc Nail Jewellery shade is Princes Arcade.  I think they go together quite well.  I added a top coat of Sally Hansens Bamboo strengthening polish, which I'll also review later, et voila!  This picture was taken under my craft light.  It's showing as a little less purple here than it actually is in real life, and it was suprisingly hard to capture the gradient effect which is much more pronounced to the naked eye. Never mind, here's some more pics and a little round the house 'lets find the best lighting' tour:

Under the kitchen led lights:
In shaded natural daylight in the lounge:
Outside (overcast day):
And finally, at the upstairs window (semi-shade):

As you probably know, I detest sponging because it's so messy, this is the same reason that I've never tried water marbling, so to get this gradient effect with no mess is a bonus for me!  I'm tempted to try a matte top coat over it tomorrow to see if I can get away with it for work, as it seems to be wearing quite well and I'm not bored of it yet!

Hope you like it!

Until next time....



  1. They look lovely - I'm useless with sponging, so a good cheat :)) xx

    1. Thankyou! Am still loving them over 24 hours on and only a tiny bit of chipping that I've touched up x x x

  2. i love this! i like sponging... im the weird one who likes to faff u c! i have a pink in the mood one and i really like it but ive never tried it with any sort of glitter over it... may c what it's like with electric lane!! xxx

    1. I did it and it's awesome! It washes out the colour quite alot, but for some reason it reminded me of fairies :-)

  3. Those are so pretty! And just cus I know what you think of link leaving, I'll just sign as me, just for you. ;D I don't seem to make too much of a mess sponging, but my marbling attempt was disasterous!

    Lizzums x

    1. Thankyou so much! And because I know your blog is good, and you're deffo not a spammer....

      Hey everyone, check out Lizzums blog -
      x x x


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