Sunday, 24 June 2012

Bra Review - Shock Absorber 'Run'

On January 1st 2012 I gave up smoking.  I had had a cough which had been getting steadily worse for the last 12 months, and because of things in my past I knew that it could be the start of a slippery slope into lifelong debilitating illness.... so the cigs had to go!

But, as this isn't what this weeks blog is about, I've just deleted all the other stuff I wrote about that, perhaps I will blog about it another day!

Anyway, it's relevant to this because after I quit I found I had tons of energy to burn!  So I started using my Wii Fit.  I'd already had it for a year but hardly used it, just out of laziness really, but now it seemed like a good idea.

I found that I was really enjoying the exercise, I was doing it every day after work, and the part I was enjoying most was the jogging exercise, which is basically just running on the spot.  I gradually worked my way up from the short lap, which is 3 minutes, to the distance lap, which is 15 minutes.  But I found I was having a slight problem... the 'girls' were jiggling about a bit more than I'd like!  I'm a 38D so as you can imagine thats quite alot of jiggle! 

When the Nintendo said 'swing your arms in big circles to burn more calories' I was like, 'are you joking? My arms are busy in a supporting role!'.  So it was time to look at buying a sports bra, which was a completely foreign concept to me.  I didn't want an underwired one, as I find them uncomfortable, so had to look for something else.

So I went to my internet shop of choice, Amazon, to see which ones were getting the best review.  The one that seemed to stand out for me was the Shock Absorber Run bra.  You can see and buy it from Amazon using this link:

Now these bras aren't cheap, so I didn't want to buy one without trying it on.  I found out that they sell them in Debenhams, so I went there first to find out what they were like.  I found them pretty much true to size, if a little bit snug on the bottom band.  I went with my usual bra size.

Heres a pic of mine:
Shock absorber white run bra
The first time I used it, I was blown away!  The 'girls' didn't budge a bit!  They were safely under control in jogging conditions for the first time ever!  It gave me the confidence to actually take myself out on in public and jog round the block, which was a complete first for me!

I got into the jogging and got the runtastic app, which tells you how far you've gone and how many calories you've burned, which was fun, but once again i digress...

You know me though, if I like something, I can't just buy one thing in the range, so slowly but surely I built up a collection:
Shock absorber bra blue
I've reversed the white one in this picture so you can see the back, if you've got any mobility issues in your shoulders you may have trouble doing it up as the second clasp is quite high.  The bra on the bottom right is not part of the 'Run' range, but a more usual bra shape also from shock absorber which I wear in the daytime.  I also bought the black version of that too, and found they also give good support, although the bottom band on this style has a tendency to roll up sometimes.  That didn't happen to me on the Run shaped ones though. 

Another thing I tried is buying the more conventional bra shaped one in a C cup.  I don't recommend doing this as I got 'side spillage', not a good look!

As it happened I then picked up an achilles injury and am having to have a break from jogging now, I really miss it and hopefully I'll be able to get some treatment and get back on the road again, and when I do my Shock Absorber Runs will be coming out with me!

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  1. hehe love this post! i have a couple of shock adsorber ones and i also have some lonsdale ones which are essentially the same but cheaper! xxx

    1. Thank you so much! Not seen the Lonsdale ones, will look out for them! x x x

  2. Hey Wahund!! I have the blue with red one... It's amazing!!


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