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Review - Bourjois 1 seconde nail polish

OK, so usually I start off a review knowing whether I like a product or not.  Have decided to do this one a little differently.  At the weekend I saw Bourjois 1 seconde nail polish in Boots on a 'buy 3 get the cheapest free' offer. 

This meant a saving of £5.99, and although so far I haven't found a Bourjois polish I really like, I quite liked the look of these so I thought I would give them a go.  So far I have found that I really like the colour selection that Bourjois do, but their formulations haven't suited me at all, and some of the colours come out a bit too sheer for my liking.

I bought these 3:
06 Rose Cupcake, 14 Rainbow Apparition & 08 Bleu Water, they're shown here sitting on my new box which I love & will do a separate post about

Now, I KNOW I shouldn't have bought the blue, was only thinking to myself on Friday night that I probably have enough light blues, and they're all quite similar, but hey, I just couldn't resist, and I didn't fancy any of the other colours they had, & I had to have 3 to get the offer...

What Bourjois say about it (copied from their webpage):

1 second application per nail. 50 second drying time.
Fan effect brush for the perfect nail curve.

1 nail, 1 coat, 1 second
1 Seconde nail enamel is ultra quick to apply thanks to its patented fan effect brush which adapts to the size of each nail. The one-coat formula, enriched with silicon, dries in 50 seconds, leaving you with beautiful ultra-shiny nails and plenty of time to spare!

All sounds good, right? I did wonder how I was going to get my nail painted in 1 second

So time to give it a go and see what I think....

Coat 1:
Coverage on the creme shades: not bad.  Coverage on the glitter shade: awful.  As dissappointed with that as I was with Max Factor Fantasy Fire.  It didn't dry in 50 seconds on me either.  In fact if you look closely you can see fingerprints in the pink where I tested it at 50 seconds.  In truth the thick coat I put on took a whole 4 minutes to dry, but you could get away with just that one coat so not too bad.

Coat 2:
Bourjois 1 seconde nail polish review
Definitely enough for the cremes, but in the interests of the review I did another coat anyway. 

Coat 3:
There we have it, three coats & still vnl on the glitter coat.  It has to be said that the glitter coat dried much faster than the other two, and was probably dry on me in 1min 15 secs, but in my opinion you would have to use it as a top coat to get the best out of it, which isn't what it looked like in the bottle.  I tried layering it over both the pink and the blue, but didn't take a pic as I hadn't waited long enough for them to dry and sumdged them (ironic?).  It looked better over the pink than the blue though if that helps anyone?

The one thing that impressed me about this polish is the brush:
It was just the right amount of hard/soft & fanned out really nicely at the cuticle.  If you have alot of trouble with neatness at the cuticle area, this would definitely be for you. 

After I'd done these 3 coats I did another nail really thinly to see if I'd just applied it too thick, I found as its a really runny formula I was able to apply it thinner and get a quicker dry time, but still not within the 50 second mark, maybe about 2 minutes for it to be completely dry.

As with everything, atmospheric conditions, my personal nail, the base coat I used (Nails Inc caviar basecoat) will all affect drying time, and someone else might get a different outcome, I can only state what happened in my particular circumstances.

If I'd bought these from QVC I would be sending them back, but as it is I now have them for good, and will probably use them for something, but they wouldn't be in my top ten.  They will probably make good dotting/nail art polishes due to their thin consistency so all is not lost!

I hope you enjoyed my review and as always please feel free to leave a comment if you wish


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  1. Your blog is fab! I love these nail polishes, need to buy some more colours! I've just done a review on my blog, you can read it here.

    Monica x

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