Saturday, 30 June 2012

Nails - Rimmel Crackle First Try

Hi there again!  Hope you're all well today

I have to start this post off by saying that I've never been a fan of the look of crackle.  Have always thought that it looks a bit messy, and for some reason it reminds me of how zombies nails look in films (yes I'm a weirdo). 

I got this one as a Christmas present with some other colours, which was a lovely and thoughtful gift, but I never got inspired enough to pick up the crackle and try it.

However, this morning I was just sitting and watching TV, and for no real reason, the crackle polish popped into my head.  Well, I've never been one to ignore my 'vibes', so upstairs I went to my polish stash and got the crackle out.  I decided to paint it over bright red to give me the biggest contrast.  The red I decided to use was the brightest one I own, Pixi in No. 16.  I only have 2 Pixi polishes, but I love them both because the brush is so thin and precise.

Here's a pic of the bottles and brushes:
I was very surprised by the brush on the crackle, it's kind of like a pro-wide brush and for some reason I wasn't expecting that. 

So after applying my base coat of matte nail envy, I applied 2 coats of the Pixi, and this is how it looked:
As you can just about see, after 2 coats I still had very slight visible nail line, another coat would have sorted this out, but I didn't bother because I'd be applying the crackle over the top.  Its not self levelling, so I had to be quite slow and careful with my application.  It dried nice and quickly though!  I'd say I got both coats done and bone dry in less than 10 minutes.  Please forgive my cuticles being drier than the Sahara, I don't know what their problem is lately, it's an ongoing moisture war.

So onto the application of the crackle, have never done it before, but I have seen it done, so I knew not to just apply it like a normal polish, I did little light zig zags with not much polish on the brush, and this is what I got:
Rimmel Black Crackle Swatch No Topcoat
As you can see, its a kind of rubberised finish, very textured.  For me, this needs a top coat, so on with good ole Seche Vite:
Thats better!  Although it did still have some texture to it even after the top coat.  I did a slightly thicker application of crackle on the other hand, just to see how much difference it made, and here's how it came out:
Its quite handy to see these one on top of the other, as it shows that you can get some variation in the finish even when using exactly the same polishes.  I even used the same brush strokes.  I personally prefer the lighter look, but the heavier look gave more of the 'cracked' finish.

I actually like this more than I thought I would, of course the colours are a bit much for every day wear, but would be perfect to jazz up a LBD for going out dancing!  In some ways it reminds me of lava flow, and that makes me like it more.

Am now wondering (as you do) if I shouldn't have tried this before, I think a grey crackle over a lilac polish would be a nice look... hmmmm...

Anyway, would be interested to hear what you think, how do you feel about crackles?



  1. Haven't really been a fan of crackle but loving your colour combo xx

    1. Thank you! I feel exactly the same about it haha! :)


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