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Judith Williams Phytomineral Neck Treatment Review

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I've had this cream for a while, I've been holding off writing a review on it because I wanted to give it a decent chance to work.  I bought it from QVC, where it had rave reviews, HERE's the link , I paid £26.00 plus P&P.

The packaging is pretty, if you have a nice dressing table, it would certainly 'grace' it:
Judith Williams Neck Moisture Treatment
While the nice shiny lid does look nice, I've found it slippy and difficult to open if I have any product on my hands, like face cream or hair oil.

It comes with a leaflet, here's what it has to say:

"This beauty treatment was especially developed for the care of the tender skin on the neck & decollete area.  Reveal a smoother appearance throughout your skin.  Gently massage into cleansed skin in the morning and evenings.
7 minerals, 7 plants.  An active agent complex made from 7 precious plant extracts and 7 important minerals & Coenzyme Q10 which moisturises your skin and protects it against the signs of premature aging.
The 7 plant extracts for revitalising the skin are Ginseng & Guarana, Hops, Cocoa & Cocoa seeds, Lotus blossom, Maca and Roseroot.
The 7 minerals to supply the skin with important trace elements are Iron, Cobalt, Copper, Manganese, Selenium and Zinc.
The Phytomineral care products are suitable for every skin type"

All sounds great right?  So what's it like then?  Here's what it looks like out of the tub:
Judith Williams Neck Moisture Treatment
Hopefully you can tell a bit about the texture from this shot.  It's a bit like a fluffy cocoa butter, it does have a really nice texture.  However the fragrance is a bit strong for me, it's a bit like a chemically floral, and it does linger for at least an hour.  If you put it on at bedtime, you're still going to be smelling it until you fall asleep.

It is VERY moisturising.  I've found that if I put it on in the morning, by lunchtime my thirsty skin still feels moisturised, but it was too heavy for my face, and it made me break out.  Of course it's not designed to be used on the face, but what can I say, I like experimenting.

Apart from the strong smell, my other slight disappointment with this cream is that it did nothing to improve the look of my neck area.  Now I look at the description more closely, there's actually nothing to say that it will, but call me old fashioned, I just expect a neck cream to have some kind of tightening properties to it. 

My neck area is starting to look a bit slack now, and I have perma-creases on my front, so I was hoping to have a reduction in the appearance of these, but nothing, no difference at all.  Granted I haven't been using it religiously morning and night, have pretty much only been using it when I remember, but I have had it, and been using it, for about six months, so if it was going to make any difference, I think it would have done by now.

So all in all, to sum up, it's not bad, and if dry skin is your only issue on your neck, and you don't mind a strong fragrance, you'll probably love this.  Certainly judging by the reviews on QVC lots of women do love it.  However, my neck area needs something with some lifting and firming, and while I'll probably use all this cream up, I'm still browsing for the next 'wonder' neck product.

Do you have a favourite neck treatment?  Or are you lucky enough not to need one yet?  If so, lucky you, enjoy it while you can!

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