Saturday, 17 November 2012

Nailart: 3 colours, two different ways

Morning All,

I know it's only 11am on Saturday, but so far this weekends going brilliantly!  Finally I've finished my physio for my achilles problem, and she said I can try a small run, so off I went this morning, and it was awesome!  They're are still a bit sore, and she said I can only go once a week at first, and not far, but it's soooo good to get back out in the fresh air and out of breath again.  Also, that means no more Saturday working yaaaaayyyyy!!!!

But enough of me, onto the nail art, that's what brought you here, right?

Friday night is nail art night for me, and last night, I knew I wanted to do something stripy, but I wasn't sure which colours etc to use.  So I went upstairs, tipped a load of polishes out of their baskets onto the bed and just picked about, and experimented on a nail wheel until I found a combo I liked.  A very happy hour that was!

So here's the first look I came up with:
This is the look is was going for when I ended up with my Black Forest Gateaux nailart (LINK), I've finally sussed out tape manicures after some good advice from Sammy at The Nailasaurus (LINK). 

She suggested I use Seche Vite over my base colour, wait five minutes, and then only lightly apply my tape, and then I wouldn't get the problem I'd had, which was my base colour coming up with the tape, and she was spot on!

Firstly I used a base coat, then a base colour coat of Nails Inc Devonshire Row.  This is one coat, and that was enough, one coater, great formula, gotta love it.  Then I taped off the top of my nails using a cheap Wilko rip-off of Scotch Invisible tape.  I stuck the tape to my hand a few times first so it wasn't super-duper sticky.

Then I striped all the stripes completely in white.  Firstly to make sure they were evenly spaced, and secondly so that the white base would make the yellow show up nicely, and for once, all my ideas worked out first time.  If I were to to it again, I'd maybe be a bit more careful with my stripes, but that's just the perfectionist in me coming out.  Heres another pic of it:
Now, as much as I like this look, I decided to do something different on my other hand.  I went a bit more freeform this time.  Like the last look, I did the whole design in white first, then went over some of it with the yellow.  This is what I got:
This shouts 80's to me, and Inkynails13, one of my Twitter friends, called it Punk Tiger Nails, and I LOVE that description, it's just right!  The slightly scrappy overlapping works in its favour I think.  Heres another pic:
I actually want to try this design again in true 80s colours, black, grey and red, would be fun!

Here's the polishes I used:
I am really liking the fact that I've got a different design on each hand, but using the same colours to tie the two together.  I think this might become a regular thing for me!  Which one's your favourite?

So to carry on this super duper weekend, am off shopping, where I may happen to stumble over a polish or two...

Until next time....


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