Sunday, 18 November 2012

TX Maxx OPI Trio - Swatches and Review

Hi there again!

I've been back to my trusty ole TK Maxx, and yes, I've come away with lots of polishes as usual.  I really don't think I'll get round to swatching and reviewing all of them, especially now with the winter light preventing weekday swatching, but I've done these ones today for you. 

I have a massive blog post half way done about winter photography lighting, but I don't want to publish it until I successfully manage to find good lighting, and I haven't managed it yet.

Here's how they come packaged.  It's quite a cute little bag they come in with poppers on the top.  Waste not want not, I'm going to use it to keep my stamping plates in, as the little OPI bag I keep them in now is full to bursting.
As you can see I paid £14.99, which isn't too bad for three.  I don't really wear alot of pinks or reds, but I don't have many OPI's, so I thought I'd give them a go.

The first one I tried was on the left hand side, Be A Dahlia, Won't You.  It's alot pinker that it shows in my photos, in the bottle it looks like a red base with fuschia flecks.

Here's the first pic:
The first coat was a bit sheer, thin and a bit patchy, definite VNL.  Quite nice and flowy though.  If you don't mind a tiny bit of nail line, you could definitely get away with two coats.  By the third coat the VNL was pretty much gone, and the colour had a nice depth to it.  Dry time was medium.

Here's the close up:
It's not bad, but there are others like this in my collection which I like more.

The next one I tried was Big Hair, Big Nails.  From the first coat, I knew this wasn't one for me.  Here's the one coat pic:
Sheer enough for you?

However, in the interests of science (lol), I carried on with it, but I knew this was never going to opacity.  The formula was a little bit runny, but nice and smooth.

Here's what it looked like at three coats:
Such a shame, because it didn't give me lobster fingers, and it's quite hard to find a red that suits my skintone.

Here's the close up:
I know for a fact I won't ever wear this by itself, I'll maybe try layering it over a nude polish and see how that goes.

The last one I tried was Skull and Glossbones:
The formula was thin, and streaky at the first coat.  Dry time was medium/fast. The second coat self levelled nicely, but was still a bit patchy.  After 3 coats I still had a couple of bald spots at my cuticles, but these were pretty simple to cover.   And it was so worth it!  I love this colour.  It's a warm light grey creme, and it somehow has an ethereal look to it.

Here's another picture (I took lots):
It has a lovely shine to it, and it's definitely one I'll be reaching for alot.  Strangely, now winters on its way, and I should be embracing the darks, I seem to be having a pastel phase, oh well!

Finally, here's the brush shot:
All in all, a mixed bag.  But Skull and Glossbones redeems this set.  I highly recommend that one, the other two I wouldn't bother with personally, but am sure they'll come in handy for something! 

Until next time....



  1. I luv the last one too, and that's a good deal u found for 3 opi nail polishes! Lovely blog with great nail swatch posts :)
    I must check what beauty items are in store next time I pass my local tk maxx! x

    1. Thank you so much! Yes definitely check it out, you can get some good Nails Inc deals too, although from what I've heard it's a bit hit and miss depending on which store is your closest. Hope you've got a good one! x x x

  2. A few thoughts:

    1) If you wear white undies with BHBN you won't need as many color coats
    2) BHBN looks like it might be good to use for glitter/jelly sandwiches?
    3) If BHBN & Be a Dahlia just won't do as they are, franken them with another color or add glitter to make them wearable.

  3. F-ING love skull and gloss bones xxx


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