Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Revlon Top Speed 606 Stormy review and swatches

Hi everyone, sorry for making you wait until after the weekend for my regular post...

My blogging routine is all over the place, I had to work pretty much ALL DAY on Saturday, and then dash to the shops, by the time I got home it was late, and there's just no light left in the evenings now to take my pretty photos with, bah.   Sunday gets written off with visiting relatives each week, I took some polish to see if I could do some swatches, but I wasn't able to.

So, I've ordered a cheapie lighting photo set up thing from Amazon, hopefully that will mean I can do swatches in the evening and still get half decent colour accurate pictures, that way I'm not just stuck with blogging at weekends, I'll review it anyway when it comes, so you can see if it's worth getting or not.

But... it's not the weekend now, I hear you say?  Well, I've tried to be a bit cunning.  I painted my nails last night, took the photos in my car on my lunch break, and now I'm doing the post in the evening, so it's taken 24 hours to get to the point where I can actually write my post, and I have no idea yet if my photos will be any good.  If not I'll just have to do my best with the kitchen lighting.. sigh...

Anyway, let's get on with the swatches and review!

I bought this polish in store from Superdrug and paid £6.49 but I've looked and they don't have it on their website.  However I've seen it much cheaper than that when I just looked on Amazon, LINK here - isn't it always they way?

OK then, I've just looked at the photos I took today and they're awful, sigh....  off I go to try and take some half decent ones in indoor lighting, wish me luck!

Here's the first one:
Revlon Top Speed Stormy Swatch Review
The colour is warmer than it's showing here, think a taupe-y grey rather than just a flat grey.  As you can see I added some nail gems, I absolutely love the look of them against this polish, they remind me of drops of honey.  They're actually faceted, but I used so much top coat to try and keep them on that they've become cabouchons lol!  The topcoat I used was Sally Hansen Insta-dry, which is another polish I'm not so keen on, but it needs to be used up, which is why I used it.  I actually got alot of bubbling in my topcoat, which is why all my day time photos looked so awful but actually in real life they're not so noticeable.  You can see them around the gems in this next pic though:
Revlon Top Speed Stormy Swatch Review
However, with using so much topcoat, it's been 24 hours, I've washed my hair, peeled the potatoes, been typing all day, and I still have all my gems, and no chipping on my nails, so it has its benefits.

On to the review.  I love the colour, but I hate the formula!  It managed to be runny, patchy, floody and bumpy, worse on the first coat, and with another coat and a bit of clean up it was a half decent finish, but not as good as I would have liked.  The fact that I even bothered with a clean up and didn't just take it off is a testament to how much I like this colour, the photos really don't do it justice, so frustrating!  Dry time was medium to fast.

So here's a picture of the brush sitting on top of my glamorous (lol) pine tea caddy, it was a little bit too soft for my liking, and added to the application issues:
Revlon Topspeed Stormy Swatch Review
And finally, for completeness, here's a picture of the gems I bought.  I bought them from Amazon UK HERE is the link, I didn't have any problems with the speed of shipping etc, and they were less than a fiver, bargain! :
Nail Gems
So, to sum up, if the formulation were better on this polish, I would wear it all the time!  Such a shame, but I will still struggle on with it, because when I'm wearing it, and I look at my nails, it makes me smile. 

And after all, that's rather the point, isn't it?

Until next time....


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