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Liz Earle Haul - QVC Todays Special Value

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Today I have a slightly different post for you all.  It's not really a review, but a run down of my recent purchase from QVC.  Not long ago they had a 'Todays Special Value' from Liz Earle.

Now, not all QVC's TSV's are especially 'special'.  Sometimes they've only knocked a fiver or so off, and sometimes you can still buy the product somewhere else cheaper, although of course you probably won't get the 30 no quibble money back guarantee like you do from QVC.  Plus I find their P&P quite expensive.  So as you can imagine, I'm not snapping up TSV's all the time.

But this one caught my eye.  It came at exactly the right time, as my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish has just about run out and I was considering getting some more.

I like Cleanse & Polish.  I don't use cleanser much, and actually I usually just use a Liz Earle muslin cloth and warm water, no cleaning products at all on my face.  However I don't usually wear mascara as my lashes are dark anyway, and thanks to Revitalash they're pretty long too, so I don't feel the need.

So, if I'm going out (which is when I do use mascara, and a waterproof one at that), when I get back I want to get all the make up off my face.  That's when I get my C&P out.  I can rub it right over my closed eyes and rub at my mascara-y eyelashes, and give then them a rub over with the cloth and warm water, and voila! Nice and clean.  No stingy eyes, and no dry skin after.

It came in a plain white box, which was a little bit bashed, but makes it easy to wrap if you're thinking of buying it for someone as a gift.  It would make a great valentines gift actually!

There was quite alot in the kit, and it was reasonably priced for this brand (although still pretty expensive really). This is what I got:
Here's a closer view of the big items:
And here's what it says on the blurb -

Step 1 Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser. 

Has won over 80 awards, including the QVC Customer Beauty Award for Best Cleanser.  Its gentle cleansing power is suitable for all skin types and delivers instantly visible results.

Step 2 Gentle Face Exfoliator. 

Our smoothing trouble-shooter for congested skin gently buffs away dead skin cells with fine jojoba beads to reveal skin that looks fresh, smooth and radiant.

Step 3.  Choose your treatment mask.

Intensive Nourishing Treatment Mask.  If your skin is dry or sensitive, our creamy intensive nourishing treatment mask is perfect for soothing parched, stressed and sensitive skin, when it's most needed.

Deep Cleansing Mask.  If you have oily or combination skin, our deep cleansing mask can help draw out impurities and leave skin balanced and calm.

Brightening Treatment Mask.  Our brightening treatment mask is a fast-acting pick me up which revitalises dull skin.

Here's a pic of the small stuff:
And a bit more blurb:

Step 4.  Instant Boost Skin Tonic Spritzer.

Our instant boost skin tonic spritzer refreshes, revitalises and brightens while adding a fine layer of moisture to your skin.  Gentle and alchohol free, it contains hydrating aloe vera, soothing calendula, conditioning natural source vitamin E and the heavenly fragrance of rose scented geranium.

Step 5.  Superskin Concentrate.

Winner of the QVC Customer Beauty Award for Best Anti-aging Product, Superskin Concentrate is a rich blend of pureplant oils including argan and rosehip, plus aromatic neroli, lavender and chamomile, to soften and rebalance all skin types.

Step 6.  Skin repair moisturiser.

Packed with naturally active skin-conditioning ingredients including borage seeds and avocado oils, toning echinacea and hops, plus antioxidants beta-carotene and natural source vitamin E, our three skin repair moisturisers help prevent moisture loss and leave skin feeling soft and smooth.

The booklet also gives you instructions on how to use each product.  There are also some accessories.  Two muslin cloths, a sponge for removing the face masks, and a hairband, which is supersoft and closed with a velcro fastener:
So for all this, and including the P&P I paid £50.95, which is alot, but I do feel like I got enough products to justify that price.

It is still available on the QVC website at the regular QVC price of £55.00 plus £5.95 P&P HERES the link theres more photos and reviews there too.  The item number is 200281 if that link doesn't work for you.  As you see, as a TSV I only got £4 off, but hey, that's better than nothing!

So what do you think?  Too expensive?  Or OK for what I got?  Is there anything you'd like to see me review?

I normally wouldn't put up a post like this, because I always think to myself that I'll review all the individual products like some kind of super-blogger, but of course that ends up never happening, and things get ruined or thrown out (for a typical example of this, theres an up and coming Ojon review that perfectly illustrates my point haha), but for sure I will end up reviewing some of them.

As another positive, Liz Earle state on their website that they NEVER test on animals, and that they are completely cruelty free.  Also their products are all vegetarian, although some formulas do contain animal-friendly products such as beeswax or manuka honey.  Another reason to feel good while you're having a pamper :-)

Anyway, I'd better go, this post has ended up waaay longer than I intended!

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  1. Oh wow a nice wee haul, that'll last you a while! I think that is a good deal, the full size products would probably be about £20 each anyway so it's pretty good! xx

  2. Yep, i think i'll have these for a while! Am looking forward to trying some of em out. I dont feel like i paid too much but i do feel guilty for how much i paid x x x

  3. Total bargain! I want to try the stuff, but so expensive. I love QVC x

    1. Phew! I'm glad someone else thinks so too x x x


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