Sunday, 3 February 2013

Chanel Frisson Review

Hey there everyone,

I hope you're having a great weekend! I normally would have posted by now, but I've had a busy weekend.  My page views are waaay down, I'm a bad blogger!

To make up for that, I'll bring out one of my 'posh' polishes.  I bought Chanel's Frisson a while back now, but for reasons I'll go into later, I haven't worn it much, so really don't think about it when I'm planning any manicures, which is why you haven't seen it before.

I don't own many designer polishes, in fact the only other one I have is Dior's Waterlily, which I bought because I couldn't find a backup of Collections 2000's Hot Looks Mint Mojo (I know, backward, right?), and as it turned out, it wasn't an exact dupe, but it is still pretty.

So anyway, I was in the mood for spending, and I came across this in the shop, and it looked really pretty, and I took it home. I got it from House of Fraser, and I paid £18 LINK here

When I came to swatch it, I was a bit disappointed, so sheer!  Here it is at one coat:
I was expecting it to be more like you see in the bottle.  So I kept on applying.

2 coats:

3 coats:
4 coats!!:

And still there's a slight VNL!  This is why I don't bother with it, the dry time isn't brilliant, and even if it was, if four coats isn't enough, well.... lifes too short for that shizz.

So to make up for it, the formula must be super awesome, right?  Well, no.  Don't get me wrong, it's not evil, I haven't done any clean up here, but it feels kind of gloopy and a bit awkward to get the right amount on the brush.

So then, it's a bit of a fail when it's used by itself, so how about layering it?

I had the idea of doing a gradient and using this over it.  Because it's got those micro goldie sheen flakies in it, they might look great over a purple gradient, so I made one using OPI Skull and Glossbones as a base, then Orly Lollipop and Barry M Gelly in Blackberry:
It came out kind of OK, as you know I'm not a great fan of sponging because of its messiness, but the things we will do for art.  I wasn't too bothered about the dents etc because I knew I would be covering it up. 

Here's how it came out:
Purple Gradient
Yuk.  Gloopy bloopy.  FAIL

So then, how about Frisson layered over a plain colour?  Because I had it out already, I picked OPI Skull and Glossbones.  Heres how it came out:
OPI Skull and Glossbones
Yes I dented it, it's been one of those days.  I left the ring finger plain so you could see how the Frisson changes it.  It's kind of OK, but if I'm going to make the effort to do a layer then I want it to be awesome, and this is just alright.  Perhaps over a darker colour it might work, but to be honest, I'm losing the will to live....

So here's the bottle shot, in all it's poshness:
You can see the thinness of the brush here.  If you've got narrow nail beds, you'll probably like these polishes. 

It has to be said, Frisson IS the perfect name for it, those little excited shivers you can get feel exactly how those little gold flakies look. 

And silly as it sounds, despite all it's failings, that's enough for me to be glad I own it.  Sigh...

Have you got any polishes you like just because of the name?  It has to be said, this probably isn't my only one...

Until next time...



  1. You are right it is pretty sheer. Nonetheless a very dainty colour. x

  2. Why do we do it?
    I was such a sucker for high end until I read How Luxury Lost its Lustre, and bam! my life was changed. Id already bought Chanel and Dior and YSL makeup things so wasn't going to throw them out, but it was an eye opener. Sheer pinks are great over an opaque white, but it is faffing about x

  3. I quite like it but 4 coats IS quite a lot.... still though, it is very pretty x

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  5. Thanks for your link in the #bbloggers chat last night, I'm following your blog now :) I have to say I love buying and owning Chanel polishes-there's something about those bottles and the beautiful shades. But, their formulations need improving, particularly as the price tag is so high! The Frisson shade looks nice with 4 coats but it's too much effort! Great post x


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