Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Ojon Products - what do I think?

Hi again!

Hope your week has started well.  Been mad-crazy for me at work these last few weeks, am feeling the need for a long bath to de-stress!  I don't get to have many baths, just showers, as our water is only heated by a coal fire, and when we're at work all day there's not time for the water to heat up enough before bed time, so they're a real treat when I get them. 

We're due some more snow tomorrow too, brrr!  Apparently it won't stick around for long though, which is good.

It's Pancake Day today, I haven't decided yet if we'll be having any, I've put 3lbs on over the last couple of weeks, so if other half doesn't realise it's today, I'll keep quiet haha.

Well here I am with a review of the Ojon products I've used so far.  Some time ago, Ojon had a special offer on their website, a free shampoo and conditioner with every product, plus free shipping. 
Who doesn't like free stuff?  I'd been wanting to try their revitalising mist on my frizzy twice-permed hair for a while, so it seemed like a win-win to me. 

I already own their intensive conditioner, so this is now the products I have.  I finished the shampoo and accidentally threw it away, which is the main reason you never see 'empties' posts from me! 
As you can see, the revitalising mist only has a tiny drop left in the bottom too, so I knew I would accidentally throw it away at some point, which is why I'm making my post now!

All these products smell pretty similar to each other, a nutty, sweet scent that I'm not too keen on.  It reminds me of the smell of the Aussie hair products, so if you've smelled those you'll know what to expect.

Here's close up of each of the products:
They say:
"Instantly hydrates and restores healthy condition to hair damaged by over-exposure to chemical processing, sun, or excessive heat styling."

So did it?
Well, no, not really.  I've used all the shampoo now, and am at the stage where I have to turn the conditioner upside down, and I have to say I didn't really see any difference to the condition of my hair.  It didn't look any better, or any worse, than using my regular high street shampoo and conditioner.

Here's the conditioner out of the tube:
As you can see, quite thick and creamy, and if you like a nutty smelling product you'll probably quite enjoy it.

And so on to the revitalizing mist:
They say:
"Fortified with pure Ojon oil, the 500-year old beauty secret from the tropical rainforest, this lightweight leave-in conditioner helps smooth away tangles, and prep the hair for styling"

And did it?
Yes it did detangle.  But it didn't de-frizz, which I was expecting it to.  Once it had dried I couldn't tell I had it on my hair. And for £20 for 175ml I'd expect to see some kind of difference.  Not incredibly impressed.

And on to the Damage Reverse Restorative Hair Treatment Plus.  I'm going to save you from the blurb of this one as they make it sound like some kind of hair-angel that came down from heaven to save us all:
Yes I know it looks scummy, I apologise.  I just couldn't bring myself to get it all over my hands, it's so greasy!  I don't actually know what that saucer thing is supposed to be for, it's bendy soft plastic, I use it as a scoop to get the stuff out of the jar so it doesn't get under my fingernails.  Heres what it looks like in the tub:
It's almost exactly the same consistency when set as lard.  Which sounds worse than it is.

You take some out of the tub and rub it in your hands, and it very quickly melts to runny oil.  You then rub this into dry hair, comb through and leave it as long as you can.  It is messy to do, and I use a plastic comb to work it through my hair which is easy to wash after.  Apparently the longer you leave it in your hair the better.  In the summer I put it in my hair when I'm sitting out in the sun, and the heat from the sun is supposed to make it penetrate better.  Other times I put in in before I go for a jog.  When you're ready, wash it out with normal shampoo.  For such a heavy oil, it washes out suprisingly easily. 

Did you see on the box that they said new lighter scent?  I dread to think what it smelt like before then, because I think this one smells pretty strong!  It's not unpleasant, it's just I'm not keen on coconut/nut smells in general, so I'm not loving it.

So does it work?
Bit trickier this one.  I would say to a degree that yes it does.  My hair certainly looks shinier, and feels softer after I've used it, and it's one of the only products that other half has commented that my hair smells nice with (typical!), but it was still as frizzy and flyaway as usual, so I didn't see any improvement while styling.  As you can see I'm quite near the bottom, so something must make me keep going back to it.

I've looked up their cruelty free status, and according to PETA, Ojon are owned by Estee Lauder, which makes them not cruelty free.  Sad.  You wouldn't guess for a minute that they had anything to do with Estee Lauder, there's not a breath of it on their packaging.  So no extra brownie points there.

So to sum up.  I don't HATE these products, but I'm not in love with them either.  They didn't make huge amounts of difference to my hair, but I'm happy to use them until they're all gone.  I doubt I'd repurchase them though.  They have had rave reviews on QVC though, so I'm sure they work brilliantly for some people, just not for me.  You can buy it on the Ojon website with free delivery HERE

Have you had better results with Ojon products?  Would be interesting to find out if it's just my hair being freaky and awkward haha.

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  1. Poor form them not being cruelty free..but lovely review x

  2. I remember going to get the shampoo and conditioner for free when they had that special offer but boo! They were all gone. It's a shame that your hair was still frizzy after using this especially as everyone raves about it. It's a shame that they aren't cruelty free too! I recently done a post on animal testing brands and cruelty free brands, so pop by if you'd like to have a little read :) xx

    1. I know, I was disappointed! I'll definitely check that post out, thanks! x x x

  3. Oh, what a shame. I've always loved Ojon but I guess what works for one doesn't work for another! I'm a big fan of Philip Kingsley Remoisturising. Bit cheaper and really does the job! xx

    1. Ah, I've heard of that brand, I'll give it a go, thanks! x x x

  4. i find that i have to rinse for ages with ojon which bugs me... ive been using the body shop banana shampoo and conditioner though lately and i LOVE it! beats the higher brand hair care i think xxx

    1. I might check out the body shop, to be honest I never even thought of them! Thanks for that, I have something new to try :-) x x x


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