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Color Club Foiled - Metallics - Review

Hi there again folks!
Once again I have a nail polish collection review for you.  This time it's Color Clubs 'Foiled - Molten Metal for your nails' collection.  I don't have many foil or chrome effect polishes, so when I saw these in TX Maxx for £7.99 for 7 polishes (although one is a topcoat), I thought it's enough of a bargain to have a go.

So here's the polishes:
And here's how they come packaged:
Now, usually I show each colour, and then explain how the coverage and application, etc was.  I'm not going to do that for this collection for one good reason - the application and coverage was exactly the same for each polish!  I don't find that much in collections, but certainly in this case that's what it was like.

And the good news is that it was really nice to apply, not too streaky or self deleting, and a nice amount of polish came off the brush for each brush stroke.  You do need to make sure you clean off the stalk of the brush though, because I found a couple of times that a blob came down it and blobbed in it's blobby way onto my nail!  Luckily it was pretty easy to swoosh back off with the brush with no harm done, but it was just a slight irritation in an otherwise seamless polishing session.

Coverage is good, first coat ever so slightly patchy, but you could definitely get away with it in a rush, with no VNL to speak of.  I think this is because it contains alot of tiny foil pieces.  All pictures shown here are two coats and thats definitely enough.  To get a smooth glossy finish you would need the topcoat that came with the kit, but I didn't use it for these pictures.  The topcoat is under the sticker in the packaging shot, in true TX Maxx style of covering up the polish with the price sticker.  Dry time was medium-fast.

I'll show them in the order they came in, as shown in the pacakaging shot.  One thing that bugs me about Color Club collections is that they don't put the polish names on the bottles.  I've got so many I can't really swatch as I don't know what they're called.  This time I've tried to get around that by cutting the names out of the packaging and supergluing them on the bottom of the bottle.  Don't know how long they'll stay stuck on, but it's worth a try!

So without further ado, lets get on to the swatches:

The first one is 927 Perfect Mol-Ten - a light pinky tan colour:
Color Club Perfect Molten Swatch
I think it would make an excellent base coat for 'lovely but too sheer' polishes, and am definitely going to try using it for that.  Heres another pic, I took loads, but have limited myself to two per colour on the blog, it wasn't easy to pick!
Next up is 928 - Antiquated:
A lovely feminine mid/bright pink - am not usually one for pinks, but this was my favourite of the lot.  Heres another pic:
Next in the box is 929 Cold Metal - a nice royal blue:
I simply couldn't limit myself to two pictures for this one because it appears so different in daylight and indoors, so heres two more pictures :)  one in daylight:
And one indoors, but daylight is shining on my thumb, the difference is clear between that and my little fingernail:
Next along is 930 Hot Like Lava:
Color Club 930 Hot Like Lava Swatch
This is a paler, cooler toned version of Antiquated, this and cold metal were my joint second favourites.  Heres another pic of it:
Next in the pack is 931 Foil Me Once - an almost duo-toned green:
Color Club 931 Foil Me Once Swatch
The fresher green flecks are quite noticeable in the bottle shot above, but they seen to merge together once theyre on.  Heres another pic:
And last but not least, 932 Lumin-Icecent, a silvery light blue:
And here it is again, with the bottle in shot:
Color Club 932 Luminicecent swatch
And that's all the colour, there was also a bottle of top coat, here's a picture of it, mainly so you can see what the brushes looked like!
So there we have it, one collection swatched and reviewed, and all in all I was pretty pleased with it.  I would have rather had a red in the same tone as the royal blue than two pinks, but then I am a bit fussy!  It makes a good addition to my ever-expanding collection, and I promise that my next post will be something different than nail polish!

Until next time.....



  1. Gorgeous colours especially the last one - haven't seen these before xx

    1. Agreed, they were surprisingly nice!

  2. i went to TK Maxx especially after u were talking about it on twitter and mine only had some essie stuff in and w7. have u tried w7 before? it looked like a cheap OPI rip off? or at least to me it did anyway! xxx

    1. Aw boo! Unlucky!! Have never tried W7, but Sammersaurus loves them, so they can't be all bad! She swears by the black. Perhaps if I see some colours that sing to me I'll give them a go x x x

  3. que tal el ultimo, el brilllo, lo recomiendas


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