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QVC TSV Nails Inc Haul

Hi All!

Yes I know it's not the weekend yet, but my QVC shopping channel special offer from Nails Inc came today, so I thought I would share it with you.  I know my last 2 posts were also Nails Inc, and I don't want to become a brand bore, but I already know what my next two nail swatch posts will be and they're completely different brands so I hope you'll forgive me!

Am going to TRY and keep this relatively short, as I know I can ramble on, so without further ado, let's go!

Here's a picture of what I bought:
And here's how it came packaged:
Which was fine for me, because I just wanted to get into the goodies, but if I'd have bought this to give as a gift I'd have been a bit disappointed.  The very best thing about this packaging is that it will fit through a letterbox, which is a big step forward for QVC as their boxes are usually massively too big.

So lets get onto the swatches, the first one I want to show you is Pudding Lane:
Nails Inc Sprinkles Swatch
This is from their much advertised 'Sprinkles' collection.  I've seen alot of twitter posts (retweeted by them) that say oooh sprinkles my nails look good enough to eat, etc, so I was quite intrigued as to what it would be.  It turns out that its just glitter in polish, which I personally don't think looks good enough to eat, but maybe thats just me!  Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike it, but I don't adore it either.  I'm sure at some point I'll wear an outfit that this will be just perfect for.  Application was ok, the base polish was workable enough, but I did find the glitter application a bit patchy, and I had to work with it a bit to get it to a reasonable evenness.  It was quite fast drying, this was 2 coats.

The next polish I want to show you is Portobello:
Nails Inc Neon Portobello Swatch
As you can see from the sticker on the lid, this is listed as a neon.  Don't let my picture fool you!  It is showing as much brighter and much more orange than it was in real life.  It was really like a bright coral colour, but I just couldn't persuade my camera to get near to the true colour.  It wasn't a regular Nails Inc cream formulation, it was quite runny, streaky and sheer.  This is 3 coats and I still had VNL!  Not at all used to that with their polishes!  Also I would say it dried to a sheen rather than a gloss.  Not so happy with this one.

The next one I want to show you is Warwick Street:
I LOVED this! To my mind it was the absolute best of the bunch! It looked weird in the bottle, kind of flat with metallic in it.  It's when I came to apply it that I really appreciated it.  The formula went on like a dream, as you can see it's kind of a light grey with tiny purple, teal & read specks of glitter in it.  This is 2 coats, but I could have got away with one, just lovely!

The next swatch is a bit strange (for me).  I was kind of all glittered out, and I couldn't face putting on and taking off 2 more full hands of glitter so I decided to do 2 nails of each of the next ones.  As it is they both came out super sheer so it's fitting they're shown together:
Nails Inc Sloane Gardens Swatch

The pink is Princes Arcade from their 'Nail Jewellery' collection.  Its a mix of purple and holo glitter.  The blue is Sloane Gardens.  They're both pretty much 'layering' polishes, and I think I will do a post about that all by itself.  These two were a bit disappointing but they may have potential.

The next polish is Porchester Square.  As you can see by this swatch my nails were starting to look a bit exhausted:
They're calling this a 'hero shade', I can see why, its a nude minky cream.  This is one coat, back to good ole Nails Inc reliable formulation, I liked this :)

And last, but not least, Cheyne Walk.  I've taken 2 pictures of this as its very different in different lighting:

The first coat was quite sheer and streaky, and I thought I was going to have a loser on my hands, but the second coat seemed to step up to the mark and more than made up for it! Its a purple & grey duochrome which came out lovely & shiny.  Brush marks weren't too bad for a metallic, but it was quite tricky to photograph!

And there we have it, all 7 TSV polishes.  They cost me £28.91 including p&p as the special value price, the collection is still available on the QVC UK website, but  I think it's about £5 more expensive now.  I'm happy with what I got at an average of just over £4 a bottle, and the icing on the cake was the beautiful Warwick Street!

I hope you've enjoyed my review, and thanks for reading!  Feel free to comment if you like.

Until next time.....



  1. That is such a good deal! I seen this coming on QVC and I have to stop myself from watching as I have no money atm. Such a big fan of Nails Inc - so many wonderful colours. You'll find quite a few reviews on my blog also.

    http://razzledazzleandrocknroll.blogspot.co.uk/ I am trying to get my followers up at the moment so if you like what you see I will greatly appreciate your follow :). If you already follow I apologise.


  2. I didn't pick this up as have an auto delivery due in August.
    Does look lovely though - Pudding Lane looks cute.
    Porchester Square is an old faithful of mine

    1. I didn't go for the TSV with the auto deliveries.... starting to wish I had, after all you can never have too many polishes, right? x x x

  3. the sprinkles collection deserve all the hoo ha and the hype around it. too pretty for words this blue. it succeeds where ciaté has 'failed' a bit and it goes to show that it doesn't necessarily needs 3d beads to convey the sprinkles on a cake theme. well done nails inc
    liloo/@tsunimee xx

    1. The thing I liked about it was that it had a 'nail art' look without having to do any nail art, but I was still ever so slightly meh about it. I agree though, it is a nice alternative to beads

  4. Awesome deal! I'm a huge fan of Nails Inc, they have some goooooorgeous colours and formula 99% of the time is a dream.

    The Nail Jewellery glitters work so well when layered. I have the blue one and wore it over black recently and OH MY GOSH it looked so good!

    I feel for your tired nails after that massive swatchathon! X

    1. Ooo over black, now theres an idea! I agree, Nails Inc formulas are usually brilliant, especially the cremes, thats why the 'not so good ones' are such as disappointment! Luckily my nails are all cured now & ready for more swatching :)


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