Friday, 13 July 2012

Russian Doll Manicure

Hello again!

Well, despite telling myself that I wouldn't make my blog a nail blog, it seems a disproportionate amount of my posts involve manicures, well it is my current love, so I forgive myself!  I've been planning a manicure this week which I'm calling "a reflection of me".  Like all of us I think of myself as an onion (or a Kinder Egg), lots of layers, and each of those layers are significant and different. 

I had the terrible feeling that this weeks manicure was going to go the same way as last weeks, which was a total fail, but after an hour or 3 of experimenting (dotting, striping, acrylic paints etc etc) I finally got a result I'm pleased with!  I've called it a russian doll manicure as it's a colour inside a colour, inside a colour.  Heres what I ended up with:
The polishes I used were (from cuticle to tip)
Base coat: Sally Hansen Miracle Cure
Pink: Nails Inc Bruton Street
Dark Red: Leighton Denny Saturn Seduction
Black: L'Oreal Color Riche Black Swan
White: OPI Alpine Snow
Pink: again Bruton Street
I love the fact that it looks like an elongated bullseye, and its much more punchy in real life.  Have had to post a day early this week as I'm off down home this weekend, am super excited to be spending the whole weekend with my family and besties, should be lots of music, dancing and feasting!

Hope you have a fab weekend, please feel free to comment, and see you soon!

Take care



  1. Looks great, can see why you named it Russian Doll - hope you're having a great weekend xx

    1. Thanks so much! Am back home to reality now, tired but it was worth it! x x x

  2. I love this manicure! Not too ott but cute and fun! X

    1. Thankyou! I've really enjoyed wearing this one, was sorry when I had to take it off for work, got lots of compliments on it x x x

  3. i might have a go at this! i can see the russian doll thing... yep... love it! xxx

    1. Please do have a go! As usual with all my lil ideas, theres bound to be someone who did it before me, so absolutely no need for any mentions or credits, go for it! I hope you love it as much as I did, and I'd love to see what you do x x x

  4. yay! I see a tag starting. Very pretty xxx

    1. Thank you very much indeed! Is there something I need to do with the tag? I know I'm a blogging dumbo still lol


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