Saturday, 21 July 2012

Nails Inc Colour Collection 1 - swatches

Hello again :)
I broke 2 of my nails this week so have had to cut them all down, am not sure Sally Hansen's Miracle Cure is doing my nails any favours, which is a shame because I've got a whole bottle to use up and I hate wasting things....  anyway, I digress...

I've been shopping today, couldn't resist a wander into TK Maxx to see if they had anything new in, and they did!  There were two Nails Inc collections I couldn't decide between, the problem was that each box had a polish in that I was excited about, and I was holding one in each hand, weighing them up.  I eventually decided s*d it, buy them both, we all know I'd just go back next week and buy the other one anyway.  It was a bit of an extravagance as the sets were £14.99 each, so we're talking nearly £30, and there was a polish in them that looked the same in both boxes.... but.... hey, you only live once, might as well be pretty and skint haha!

I've decided swatches on one collection per blog post, I think that if I did them both together it would end up a bit picture heavy, and take too long to load for some people.  Am not entirely au-fait with the technicalities of these things, but that seems to make sense to me anyway.
So here we go, this is what they looked like in the box:
I think these boxes are pretty and would make a lovely gift, just one complaint.... TK Maxx always stick their price stickers over one of the polishes! Its so annoying, because it makes people rip the boxes open, then polishes end up coming out, and I think thats how come some boxes sometimes end up with two colours the same in them, because the staff just pop them back into a likely looking box, or perhaps some unscrupulous shoppers just do a mix n match of their favourites grrr.

Anyway enough ranting, lets get on with the swatches, I decided to do them in the order, least excited about, to most excited about, hey its a system....

The first one I tried was Buckingham Street:
This was a nice surprise! In the bottle it looks like a dark fushia glitter, but actually once I got it on I could see some silver in it, it was a super fine glitter which was nice and smooth to apply.  Could almost have got away with one coat, but this is two.  My only critisism would be that it was quite hard to get a precise line down the sides of my nail, but that could have been as much my fault as the polishes - overall, I liked this

The next one I tried was Old Park Lane
In the bottle, this looks like a pinky/silver beige minky shade, so I thought I knew what to expect, but it was completely different once I got it onto my nails.  It was a one-coater (hooray I love those!) but it was obviously a bit slower drying.  It was alot darker on my nail and almost a perfect copper colour, a tiny bit redder in real life than it shows here, think rose gold.  It did show brush strokes though so it's not perfect.  I have a feeling this will be good for Konad stamping with.

Next up was Fitzroy Square
In the bottle, this confused me somewhat, I could see that there was fine and not-so-fine glitter in there, but I didn't get what that had to do with 3D, I still don't really... however the first coat blew me away!  I can't remember the last time I was so pleased with a polish!  The fine glitter seemed to lay down in a perfect light veil interspersed with the larger glitter, I can't wait to layer this and show you!  For swatching purposes I added another coat, so this is 2 coats, it was lovely to apply and quick drying, but glitter got e-very-where when I was taking it off - loved this polish, if I saw another 3D polish I would be tempted by it because I liked this one so much

And last but not least I tried Shepherds Market, this was the one hiding behind the label, and also the one I was most excited about in the shop:
I bet you're wondering why, because in this pic it just looks like a flat silver glitter, right? It wasn't really like that at all, but it was really hard to photograph. 

It took a while, but I think I've finally got a shot that shows how pretty this really is:
Hmmm still not sure it shows it, it did on my camera screen!  Anyway, it contains super fine red, silver, blue & gold glitter, almost a one coater, but I did two for the swatch.  I liked it, I think it's one of those that might look very different in different lights due to all the different colours in it.  Probably a clever person out there in internet-land will have managed a better picture than me.

I realised halfway through my swatching that doing them in the order of least exciting to most exciting was a bad idea, and I should have done them lightest to darkest, but there you go, live and learn!

The brushes were normal Nails Inc brushes, I've shown them on past blog posts so no need to show them again, but if you want to see, or know the ingredients, let me know and I'll add them :)

So all in all, not a bad bag for £14.99, I'll definitely use them all, Fitzroy Square was the highlight for me in this selection, probably Old Park Lane was my least favourite, but if it comes out well for Konad-ing, it will redeem itself.

I hope you've enjoyed these swatches, I've still got the other collection to do, I'll post it when it's done!

Until next time -



  1. OOh I do love a TK Maxx Nails Inc bargain xx

    1. Me too! So many out there at the mo x x x

  2. omg. old park lane is surreally beautiful!!
    liloo/@tsunimee xx

    1. D'you think? I wasn't mad on it myself, but now you like it so much I'm doubting myself.... I'll have another look at it lol x x x


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